UVM campus

Services & Building Access

In keeping with public health recommendations and regulations, we are implementing plans to ensure that all UVM facilities will be sanitized and maintained at the highest levels of cleanliness. To that end, all campus buildings will close at 10 p.m. or earlier to allow for overnight cleaning and sanitization. All on-campus meetings should be conducted remotely where possible, in order to reduce the need for cleaning and sanitizing. This will also allow for repurposing of meeting rooms to employee workspaces to address needs for physical distancing.

Parking & Transportation

As a requirement of maintaining physical distance and reducing the number of high-touch points in and around campus, this fall the CATS shuttle services will be discontinued during the day, except for providing transportation to individuals who need accommodations. Shuttle services will be provided in the evening (4 p.m. to midnight), and we will maintain limited shuttle service to and from the athletic campus to accommodate UVM employees. Plexiglass shields will be installed on shuttle buses to protect the drivers; all passengers will be required to wear facial coverings. All shuttle buses will be sanitized frequently.