Rally TogetherStaying the Course

It’s up to every single one of us, Cats! We’ll only repeat the success of fall if we each do our part and double down on our COVID safety practices — keep your distance, wear your mask, call Student Health Services for a test if you have any symptoms. We know this is hard. And we know we can do this, together.

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UVM Weekly Testing Report

Keeping Campus Safe

“I’d prefer not having spring break and everyone going out and contracting Covid and [then] having a big spike on campus.”

- Holly Abrams '23 in a recent New York Times article.

Thank you to our students for their continued efforts to keep the UVM community safe.

Keeping up with the latest

Live/recorded events continue in order to keep the community informed about topics that matter to us: from testing to registration for spring to how to stay connected when you’re not on campus.


Latest Video: Faculty Teams Live Update, Spring 2021
February 18, 2021