• first year read book cover for Wellness Environment

    We are wired for connection. As you will learn during your time spent exploring the brain in Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies, cultivating authentic human connection is critical to building a healthy brain and fostering emotional behavioral health, the foundation for all health. We are all a little bit anxious, a little bit sad, a little bit angry, a little bit inattentive, etc. This heartwarming story is a journey into the depth and breadth of emotions we all share as human beings.

    WE want you to know that you are beautiful and that you matter. WE hope that this story helps you move a bit further on your journey towards discovering and owning your own beauty, and to experience what it is like to be truly seen.

    The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse is a heartfelt collection of accessible, honest characters each of us can relate to in some fashion. The Boy and the friends he finds along the way teach us important lessons for a life well lived: How to be kind and gentle to ourselves and others, how to love wholeheartedly, and how to walk alongside the important people in our lives, through all the ups and downs.

Reflection Questions

  1. Which character do you identify with the most? Why?
  2. Who is the mole in your life, the fox, the horse?
  3. Pay attention to your thoughts and your reactions as you read. Be curious about what comes up for you. It can be helpful to keep a journal or just write notes to yourself alongside the text.