What to know if you have a vacancy in your room:

1. We may need to use the space for an administrative move.

Administrative moves are due to a variety of extenuating circumstances, and often happen very quickly.

2. We may need to assign the space to a new incoming student.

All students have the opportunity to rank their Learning Community on their housing contract, and we try to give everyone their top choice as much as possible. Depending on where we are in the housing assignment cycle (for example, assigning spaces for spring semester arrivals), we may  need to "freeze" the vacancy in your room.

3. We may be able to offer you a time-limited chance to pull in a friend.

If we are able to email you this offer, please notify us within 48 hours (or two business days) with your request. We will do our best to honor it!

Your friend should not move in with you until:

  • We have approved the request and they have received an email from us;
  • They have completed the necessary steps specified in the email.

Keep in mind:

  • A student’s ability to complete a room change depends on their student status. They might not be able to move in with you if their housing and meal plan contract or their Learning Community is for a specific location.
  • Your current building location might not be eligible for some room changes.
  • If you are in a Learning Community, we will give priority to students in that same Learning Community.

If you do not have a roommate preference:

You can expect a new roommate at some point in one of two ways:

  1. We will offer it to someone on the Trading Spaces list; or
  2. We will use it for a new student. In either case, as much as possible, we will copy you on the emails sent to students offering them the empty space in your room.

When a potential new roommate contacts you, please respond!

  • Students who receive a room change offer are escorted by a ResLife staff member to visit the room. If you are not at home, the ResLife staff member will key in.
  • Room visits usually occur 24 hours after the offer is sent. But in some situations, we may need to view the room or move someone in with less/no additional notice to you.
  • Although it’s always good to connect beforehand, please realize that a new roommate can still move in without meeting you first.

Always be ready for a new roommate:

  • Do not spread your things all over. Keep your own belongings in a clearly defined area.
  • Keep the second set of furniture open and accessible for a new roommate.
  • Students in half-empty rooms who do not provide open, equal, and welcoming space, or display inappropriate behavior towards a new roommate—requirements of your housing and meal plan contract—will be referred through the Terms and Conditions (TAC) process with their hall staff.