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Welcome, staff and faculty! This page contains resources you may need or that may interest you. We appreciate all that you do to keep our residents healthy, successful, and engaged. Thank you!

Report a problem in a ResLife building:

Request a guest suite for visiting faculty/staff:

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Propose a mural within a ResLife building:

Guidelines and Approval Process: Proposals may be submitted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, but will only be reviewed when classes are in session to ensure all committee members are available to participate. Proposals will be reviewed by the Residential Life Executive Leadership Team.

If the committee agrees to move forward with a proposal, the next step is a required meeting with various members of the Executive Leadership Team. This meeting provides an opportunity for the committee to make recommendations and ask questions, as well as give those proposing the mural a chance to explain their plan in more detail or receive clarification about the process.

Murals will be approved based on the following criteria:

  • The mural’s appropriateness for public space on campus, and specifically for the proposed location. Preference will be given to locations that are not already painted or decorated and that are visible to the entire community.
  • Compliance with copyright and trademark standards.
  • The amount of preparedness on the part of the applicant; and the perceived ability of the applicant to complete the mural on schedule. PLEASE NOTE: It is critical that the mural proposal be an accurate representation of the proposed artwork. The committee will not consider proposals that do not show completed, detailed sketches with accurate colors, dimensions, and materials.
  • Designs that support an inclusive community and are honorable.
  • Projects that detail an appropriate scale and scope.
  • An anticipated life-cycle of three years or more for the mural.
  • Priority will be given to designs that are collaborative and uphold our departmental values.

The status of the proposal will be shared within two weeks of completing the in-person meeting. Murals that are approved will require collaboration with Residential Life for appropriate supplies. Completing the mural must not disrupt the community or building residents. The mural must be finished within the established time frame. If the mural is not finished in the agreed-upon time frame, the mural may be removed and the proposal approval may be revoked.

If a mural is approved, project participants must abide by the following guidelines and expectations:

  1. Maintain a safe work area for yourself and passers-by, taking care not to create trip hazards. Must follow all UVM safety rules and regulations.
  2. Clean-up and maintenance of the area on a daily basis is the responsibility of the person(s) painting the mural. Clean up small drips or spills immediately, using a clean wet rag to blot paint. Contact ResLife Facilities Operations for any paint spilled on carpet, or for large spills that may require extraction.
  3. Paint drips or brush strokes outside the mural area (on wall, vinyl cover base, and floor tile or ceiling surfaces) should be cleaned up immediately with a clean wet rag.

Failure to do so will result in a revocation of approval.

All murals that are approved must be completed within the timeline approved. No murals will be approved for the current academic year after Spring Break.

ResLife Mural Proposal

Make a Communications Request:

We may be able to help UVM affiliates communicate with our on-campus residents with a variety of e-communication tools. Use the ResLife Communication Request for digital signage, email, or Web support. A staff member will contact you within two business days to discuss the details of your request; and when possible, assist you with your communication needs within ten business days.

Digital Signage: Over the next two years, we are installing digital signage in each of the residential complexes that will use the Four Winds (FWI) software platform.

  • 2017-2018 locations: Jeanne Mance, McAuley, University Heights North and South, Marsh/Austin/Tupper, Harris/Millis, Wing/Davis/Wilks, and CCRH (ground floor).
  • 2018-2019 locations: Mason/Simpson/Hamilton, Christie/Wright/Patterson, Coolidge, Living/Learning, and the student room floors in CCRH.

Email: We use Mail Chimp to communicate with all residents (and their family members) or any segment of our residential population. To minimize email fatigue, we strategically try to avoid over-communicating with our residents. This means we do not redistribute messages that have gone out from other sources; and for messages we accept, advance planning and scheduling are usually required.

Our Website: While we are not usually able to host content from outside the department on our website, we are always eager to add links to campus partners’ websites when relevant and appropriate.

ResLife Communications Request