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First-time, first-year students are required to live on campus their first four semesters.

Returner room selection is how current on-campus students select their room for the following year.


New this year:

  • Housing and meal plan contracts for 2018-2019 are offered and completed in the fall semester before Thanksgiving Break.
  • Preferences for specific learning communities or traditional (unprogrammed) housing are included on the contract.
  • In late January, you can also opt to apply for enhanced experiences in your learning community.
  • Returning students who have completed a 2018-2019 housing and meal plan contract will select their rooms in March. 





  • The 2018-2019 contract is open October 30-November 13, 2017 to returners currently living on campus.
  • Go to myResLife, click on Go to myHousing and select 2018-2019 housing and meal plan contract to complete the contract.
  • You must rank learning communities in the order of preference. If you do not wish to be considered for a learning community, rank traditional (unprogrammed)  highest.
  • Gender-inclusive housing is available in many residence halls. Please contact ResLife for more information.



  • After being placed in a learning community, returning students will then have the option of applying for enhanced experiences that exist in some of them. Examples include Living/Learning programs in Cultural Crossroads, the Dewey Collective in Leadership, the Outdoor Houses in Outdoor Experience, and the GreenHouse in Sustainability.
  • Enhanced experiences applications open January 29, 2018 and close February 9, 2018.



Shortly before your room selection event in March, we'll email you your lottery number and complete details on exactly how and when to select your room.

  • Everyone who submits a housing and meal plan contract by the stated deadline will receive a lottery number to select a room prior to their room selection event.
  • Lottery numbers are randomly generated based on class year, as determined by completed academic credit. Your lottery number determines the day and time you'll go online and select a room.
  • Students who have mutually preferenced each other as roommates on their contracts* will receive an email with details about how to choose a room together, as space permits.


Contract opens at myResLife for returners October 30, 2017
Deadline for housing and meal plan contracts November 13, 2017 (end of the day)
SAS* deadline for ADA housing accommodation requests November 15, 2017
Enhanced Experience applications open January 29, 2018
Deadline for Enhanced Experience applications February 9, 2018
Enhanced Experience admission notification March 2, 2018
Honors College room selection March 6, 2018
Journey to Independence room selection March 19, 2018
Arts and Creativity room selection March 19, 2018
Cultural Crossroads room selection March 21, 2018
Innovation and Entrepreneurship room selection March 21, 2018
Leadership/Dewey Collective room selection March 23, 2018
Outdoor Experience room selection March 23, 2018
Sustainability/GreenHouse room selection March 25, 2018
Wellness Environment room selection March 27, 2018
Traditional (unprogrammed) housing room selection March 29, 2018

*Student Accessibility Services


Beginning Fall 2018, all returning students will be placed in one of these nine learning communities or in traditional (unprogrammed) housing:

  • Wellness Environment – Christie, Patterson, Converse
  • Honors College – University Heights North
  • Journey to Independence (Junior/Senior Housing) – Jeanne Mance
  • Arts and Creativity – Hunt, McCann, Ready, Richardson, Sichel, Mercy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Simpson
  • Cultural Crossroads – L/L A, B, C, E and Marsh, Tupper
  • Leadership – Davis and Wing
  • Outdoor Experience – Coolidge, Redstone, Slade
  • Sustainability – University Heights South, Millis
  • Traditional (unprogrammed) Housing – various locations across campus


These choices will be listed on your housing and meal plan contract.

  • You are required to rank them from high to low (1-10) based on your level of interest.
  • You will be placed in the highest-ranked learning community that has a space.
  • We will notify you when your learning community placement is available (end of fall semester... the week of Dec. 18). You can then view it in myResLife.
  • At the beginning of the spring semester you can apply for any optional enhanced experiences offered in your learning community (such as Living/Learning programs in Cultural Crossroads, the Dewey Collective in Leadership, the Outdoor Houses in Outdoor Experience, the GreenHouse in Sustainability, etc.).


Being part of an enhanced experience allows you to further engage your passions outside the classroom and be a part of a smaller, close-knit community, and most LCs offer them. All enhanced experiences require an application, which must be completed between January 29 and February 9. Explore the enhanced experience(s) that your learning community may offer.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You can only apply for the enhanced experience of your LC. Review your LC placement at myResLife.
  • Some communities (such as Cultural Crossroads) have multiple enhanced experiences that are limited in space. Due to high interest, we recommend you apply to as many that interest you.
  • Applying for an enhanced experience may affect roommate preferences—if you get into an enhanced experience but your preferred roommate does not, you will not be placed together.


When the 2018-2019 contract opens on October 30, you will not have the option to request a roommate. However,  requesting a roommate in the same learning community is possible after your learning community placement is determined (end of fall semester).

Your housing contract will reopen from January 29-February 9, 2018 if you would like to preference a roommate in the same learning community (LC) as you. As you begin this process, we invite you to participate in your LC’s Open House to meet the program staff and members of the community for next year to start to make meaningful connections. Check your email for an invitation!

Things to keep in mind:

  1. We will honor mutual roommate preferences as best we can and as space permits.
  2. Many LCs have triple rooms and preferencing one roommate does not guarantee you will be in a double room.
  3. Acceptance into an LC enhanced experience may impact roommate preferences.
  4. If you choose to preference two roommates and your LC has triple rooms, we will guarantee your roommate preferences.

How to preference one roommate if you would like to live in a double:

  • On your housing and meal plan contract, enter the NetID (e.g. jsmith) of the person you wish to room with.
  • Your intended roommate must also preference you the same way.
  • Roommate preferences must be mutual and cannot be added after February 9, 2018.
  • Be sure to click confirm to save your preference.
  • Roommate preferences are not guaranteed (but we will do our best!)

How to preference two roommates if you would like to live in a triple:

  • Email by noon on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 for instructions on how to edit your contract to add two roommates.
  • All three students hoping to sign up together in a triple room together must complete this process in order to be eligible.
  • Be sure to click confirm to save your preference.
  • Sorry, no preferences can be added after February 9, 2018.
  • Please note that not all communities/buildings have triple rooms.

When do roommates choose a room?

  • Mutual roommate pairs or trios will choose a room together with no additional (non-preferenced) roommates as space permits.
  • Mutual roommate pairs or trios will be emailed details on how to select a room together. One person will select a room, and the other(s) will be pulled in and assigned automatically.
  • Roommate pairs or trios who do not choose a room during their designated time will invalidate the roommate preference and will select (or be assigned to) rooms separately.
  • If at any time prior to fall opening a triple room is not at full occupancy, it is the responsibility of the remaining resident(s) to identify an eligible replacement(s) willing to move into the vacant space(s). If a replacement(s) cannot be found, ResLife reserves the right to relocate the remaining resident(s)—which, depending on available space, could be in different rooms.
  • During the academic year, triple rooms are used to expand housing capacity when necessary. As space permits, they are converted back to double rooms. When this occurs, the double rate will be charged to the remaining two students on a prorated daily basis. Read more about room rate adjustments.


To the extent possible, you will have the opportunity to move within your learning community or between learning communities by trading spaces with another student. These moves will begin in April after room selection has been completed and be managed by ResLife staff.

Three types of moves are possible:

  1. Moving from one space in a learning community neighborhood to a different space in the same learning community neighborhood (e.g., Sustainability to Sustainability)
  2. Moving from a space in one learning community neighborhood to a space in a different learning community neighborhood (e.g., Sustainability to Leadership)
  3. Moving in or out of an enhanced experience in the same or different learning communities (e.g., Sustainability to GreenHouse or vice versa)

How it works:

  • In April, complete a Trading Spaces Request form that will be available online in myHousing. There will be a different form for each of the three types of moves listed above.
  • ResLife will identify pairs of people to trade spaces. Because learning community sizes are fixed, these must be body-for-body swaps. Any swaps involving a space in an enhanced experience will require approval from the program director of that learning community.
  • You will receive an offer by email from ResLife to trade spaces, which you will have one business day to accept before the offer expires.
  • Room trades that do not follow this process are not allowed and will not be approved.


Log in to my ResLife to check your 2018-2019 on-campus residency requirement and access the housing contract.