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  • November 1: Extended Housing Form opens on (This form captures requests to stay on campus over Thanksgiving Break and to apply for Emergency Housing over winter break.)
  • November 13: At-Home Request Form Deadline 
  • December 3: Communication about Quarantine Plan, Spring 2021 Housing Planning Form opens, and Roommate Pull-ins on
  • January 7:  New-to-campus (including Fall 2020 At-Home Students returning to campus) and new students room  assignments  released
  • January 19-27: Arrival for students required to quarantine on campus
  • January 28: Move-in for new students not quarantining on campus 
  • January 30-31: Move-in for students returning to the residence halls

Extended Housing: Students currently in the residential halls who are seeking to stay in the residential halls through the end of the semester, and those students who are seeking to apply stay after the residential halls officially close on December 12th.

Can I stay on-campus after in-person instruction ends November 24 (Thanksgiving Break to end of semester)?

Anyone wishing to remain on campus after in-person instruction ends through the end of the semester (December 12th) will need to remain in the residence halls through Thanksgiving break, continue to participate in mandated weekly testing, and abide by the Green and Gold promise.  If you would like to remain on campus for the remainder of the semester (December 12th) you can sign up in early November.

Will you offer Winter Break Housing/Emergency Housing between semesters?

Emergency Housing during Winter Break will be available to students with extenuating circumstances from December 12-January 30. Emergency Housing requests will be vetted by a committee and granted on a case-by-case basis. Students requesting Emergency Housing must be current residents who are enrolled for in-person instruction during Spring 2021 and comply with the UVM Green and Gold policy, which includes remaining on campus from the time in-person instruction ends November 24 until Winter Break ends January 30. Housing and Meals will cost $1,000 combined which will be billed to your student account. This cost includes 56 meals with the option to purchase more, if needed, as well as housing occupancy for dates outside of those listed in the Housing and Meal Plan Contract and Terms and Conditions as amended on July 28, 2020. Students will have access to apply for Emergency Housing in early November and will be informed of the outcome of their request no later than November 17th.

Can I leave my car on campus during Winter Break?

Parking rules and regulations remain in effect. Time and location restrictions may be modified, but all motor vehicles must continue to display a valid parking permit. Visit Transportation and Parking Services for more information on student parking over winter break.

General Residential Information: Provides specific information for all current and future residential students.

Will there be any triple rooms on campus for Spring 2021?

No, in keeping with dedensification plan utilized in the Fall 2020 semester, we will only offer single and double rooms in the residence halls.

How do I know if I am required to live on-campus?

Using your UVM NetID and password, please log into and check your residency requirement.

If I am not required to live on campus and interested in returning to the halls, what should I do?

Students not required to live on campus can request on-campus housing. Using your UVM NetID and password, please log into and complete the On-Campus Housing Request form to place your name on the request list. We will contact you via your UVM email to offer you a Housing and Meal Plan Contract once we are able determine we have a space for you.

Living in Halls (Fall) to Living At-Home (Spring): Students who currently reside in the residential halls for Fall 2020, but decide to ‘Live At-Home’ for the Spring 2021 semester.

I currently live on campus, but plan to be an "at-home" student for Spring 2021, what should I do?

Please be sure you remove all of your personal belongings and use an express check out envelope to return your room key at the front desk. The University is not responsible for any items left behind and will not ship or store any personal belongings.

I would like to leave the residence halls and commute from home Spring 2021, what should I do?

Students who can live with a parent or guardian within a commutable distance from campus may want to live at home and exceptions to their residency requirement will be considered. Requests can be made using our commuter request (PDF), which must be notarized and submitted to our office by January 31, 2021 to avoid the $750 contract cancellation fee. After January 31st, students submitting a commuter request will receive a $750 contract cancellation fee. 

How does electing at-home affect my on-on campus residency requirement?

Electing at-home for the Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 counts toward your on-campus residency requirement. For example, first-year students who started in Fall 2020 and have a 4-semester residency requirement will receive credit for two of them even if they elected the at-home option for both the fall and spring semesters.

Living in Halls (Fall) and Returning for (Spring): Students currently living in the residential halls for Fall 2020 semester and plan to return for Spring 2021 semester.

I have an empty space in my room, how can I make sure I do not have a roommate assigned?

A resident of a half-filled double room is required to provide open and equal space for a new roommate and display appropriate behavior that would be welcoming to a new resident.

I have an empty space in my room and want to pull in a preferred roommate for Spring 2021, what can I do?

Residents with a vacancy in their room can pull-in a current residential student through November 18th by emailing us at Residents with a vacancy in their room can pull-in a current at-home student beginning December 3rd by filling out the Roommate Pull-in Form located on

I am returning to campus for in-person instruction Spring 2021, can I leave my belongings in my room?

If you are fairly certain you will return to campus in the Spring, you can leave your belongings in your room.  Please note, if your plans change and you decide to do "at-home", UVM will not pack, store or ship your items and you will be required to remove your belongings in early January.

What should I do with my bicycle over break?

If you have a bicycle on campus, please consider taking it home with you over the break, or if leaving it on campus, please secure it appropriately in one of the indoor bike rooms. Bikes left outdoors on campus are subject to undue wear and tear from winter weather conditions and are often vulnerable to theft.

Living At-Home (Fall) to Living in Halls (Spring): Students who decided to ‘Live At-Home’ for Fall 2020 semester, but plan to return to the residential halls for Spring 2021 semester.

I am currently an "at-home" student and will return to campus for in-person instruction Spring 2021, what’s next for me?

If you had a fall room assignment and roommate, they are no longer valid so you will receive a room new assignment January 7, 2021. As space permits, we will do our best to assign students to their original Learning Community.

Can I re-rank/change my learning community preferences?

The Learning Community preferences you indicated on your housing and meal plan contract will be used for giving you a spring room assignment. If you wish to change to a different Learning Community, your opportunity to make that request is during Trading Spaces, which begins after the spring add/drop period ends (February 12).