student room interior

Twice each year, our facilities staff does a complete inspection of all student rooms. Soon after move-in, we will ask you to verify your room's condition.

When and Why to Fill Out a Room Condition Inspection:

  • It is used to determine damage charges after you move out. Not completing one means you agree with our findings.
  • Complete an inspection whenever you move to a new space. It can protect you from being billed for damage that may have occurred after the last professional inspection was done, but before you moved in. It only takes a minute!

How to Fill it Out:

Go to and look for Room Condition Form.

Top Four Things to Double-Check:

  1. Intact Emergency Safety Tabs on windows with roof access: $500 fine if not intact at end of the year
  2. Marks on walls: tack holes, pin holes, scuffs, etc.
  3. Marks or wear-and-tear of furniture: students are charged for scratches, burn marks, rips in seat cushions, etc.
  4. Screens: look for any holes or tears, note if any are missing.

We want you to be comfortable in your room. If we overlooked something that needs repair, please let us know and we'll take care of it!