Fall semester room and meal plan charges are posted to student accounts in July and payable in August.

Spring semester charges are posted in December and payable in January.

Each student is responsible for the nine-month housing fee and meal plan, one-half to be prepaid each semester. Semester bills are payable to Student Financial Services in August and January.

  • Current students are billed for the actual room they choose during spring room selection.
  • New students pre-billed before housing assignments are complete will be charged for a traditional double room. After room assignments are complete, in ealry August, we adjust room charges up or down to reflect the actual cost of the room the student is in.
  • These adjustments appear on student accounts in the next billing cycle.
  • Read more about billing and payment due dates.

Room Rate Adjustments During the Year

  • When a student moves from a less expensive room to a more expensive room (or vice versa), the room charge is prorated based on the date the room change occurs.
  • If a quad breaks down to a triple or double room, they are charged as such on a prorated basis.  Triple rooms do not break down and are charged at the triple room rate regardless of how many occupants are currently residing in the room.  Remember the empty space(s) in a triple may be refilled at any time.

When a quad breaks down:

  • The remaining students will be charged either the triple rate or double rate, based on how many residents remain in the room.
  • The student moving out is charged the appropriate rate of their new room.
  • The empty space(s) in the quad may be refilled. If that occurs, room rates will be readjusted.

Please do not move any furniture into the hallway – it’s unsafe and against fire code.