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Vermont is a special place. The Outdoor Experience Learning Community is geared toward UVM students who value connection to the natural world beyond our halls. 

This community fosters a space for continual development of self, teamwork, and leadership in an inclusive environment free of the presence and influence of alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs.



Throughout your time in this Learning Community, you will explore various parts of Vermont, cultivate a wider understanding of what is included in the phrase “outdoor experience,” and along the way make meaningful connections with your peers, mentors, and the Vermont landscape.

  • All students living in Outdoor Experience are expected to commit to Community Expectations, keeping alcohol, cannabis, other drugs—and their influences—out of our community.


Outdoor Experience is a Learning Community that appeals to students interested in learning about and engaging with the outdoors—with a specific focus on Vermont. Whether you are seeking to explore the outdoors for the first time or already have a deep connection to the natural world, our community strives to knit together a wide variety of experiences. We offer a number of community gatherings, presentations, workshops, guided outings, and self-designed experiences intended to build a diverse and engaged community, encourage self-discovery and teamwork, and promote the development of leadership skills.

In Outdoor Experience, stewardship or care to our community is a core value. As our community continues to grow, recognizing these values means we must place special attention on actions that can be disruptive to ourselves, our home, or the environment. As a member of Outdoor Experience, you agree to uphold our core values with integrity.

Students will:

  • Examine scientific and anecdotal evidence that supports the benefits of outdoor experiences on human well-being.
  • Engage in a variety of outdoor activities throughout Burlington to expand their connection to a broader community and natural settings.
  • Develop an understanding of how their identities and experiences shape their worldview and perspectives in relationship to others, within an inclusive outdoor community.


Students in their first year build community by living together in the Outdoor Experience Base Camp. Here faculty and staff hold classes and workshops, and student leaders engage in community-bonding activities. Base Camp is a multi-year housing location that intentionally connects first-year students to returners with various interests through student-led trips and skill-building opportunities.


Resident Advisor (RA): Work closely with the Outdoor Experience team as a primary resource for students to build a sense of home and support community connections and involvement. Students interested in this position should be on the lookout for RA Info Sessions in November.

Outdoor Experience Student Employee: If you have a Federal Work-Study award, you may apply to be one of our communities' student employees. Learn new skills while helping create a sense of community that is positive, supports inclusion and difference, and raises the excitement for the Learning Community with thoughtful and intentional programs.

Hall Council Member: A great way to have a voice and action in the Outdoor Experience community. More information about Hall Council will be available at the beginning of the fall semester.


  • Trip Leader Trips
  • Large-Scale Trips (apple-picking, ropes course)
  • Film Screening


Locations: Coolidge, Davis, Redstone, Slade, Wilks, Wing

Please check your housing contract for more specific location information.



Leigh Madalinski
Program Director

Elle Higgins
Program Coordinator

Matty Edkins
Program Coordinator

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Campus: Redstone
Buildings: Davis, Coolidge, Redstone, Slade, Wing, Wilks


Wing/Davis/Wilks Main Desk: WDW Commons - 802.656.2520
Office Manager: 802.656.7941

Wing/Davis/Wilks Mailing Address:

Student First and Last Name
Hall Name / Room Number (or box #)
486 South Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05405


Coolidge/Redstone/Slade Main Desk: Wright Hall Lobby - 802.656.3200
Office Manager: 802.656.4155

Coolidge/Redstone/Slade Mailing Address:

Student First and Last Name
Hall Name / Room Number (or box #)
436 South Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05405