We offer on-campus housing to all undergraduate students. Students who have fulfilled their on-campus housing requirement can also choose to live off campus.

Who is eligible to live off campus?

Older UVM transfer students (age 20 or older by the first day of classes their first semester) and anyone who has fulfilled their two-year on-campus residency requirement may choose to live off campus. Not sure of your eligibility? Contact us at

Off-Campus Student Support

UVM's Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR) provides resources and education for students who plan to move (or who already are) off campus. OSCR also works closely with students, neighbors, and city partners on to improve the quality of life in our shared community. Contact them at 802.656.9405 or

Office of Student and Community Relations

Affiliate Housing

Independently owned, apartment-style housing built with students in mind, affiliate housing can be a good first step away from campus for undergraduates and a convenient option for graduate students.

Explore Affiliate Housing