In the Liberal Arts Scholars Programs (LASP), first-year students live and learn alongside like-minded peers while taking integrated courses that consider the big questions.

  • Spend your first year exploring large topics in several integrated courses.
  • Participate in residentially based seminars with others who share your interest in studying topics from many different angles.
  • Learn and study with some of the very best students in one of UVM's most challenging and intellectually rigorous first-year programs.
  • Begin to build strong relationships professors and peers that can last a lifetime!

More about LASP

Location: University Heights North and South

Campus: Athletic
Building: University Heights North and South
Main Desk: U-Heights North Lobby 
Office Manager: 802.656.5535 or 802.656.4155


Mailing Address:

Student First and Last Name
Hall Name / Room Number (or box #)
31 Spear Street
Burlington, VT 05405