Contract Cancellation Before Move-in

Students not required to live on campus* may break their housing contract for a fee. They should email, and will be charged:

  • $0 if they cancel by the last day of spring semester
  • $250 if they cancel by June 30
  • $500 if they cancel by move-in day for that semester

*First-time, first-year students are required to live on campus for four semesters. New transfer students not yet age 20 by the first day of classes are required to live on campus for two semesters.

Contract Cancellation After Move-in

Withdrawing: Students who withdraw during the semester and check out within 48 hours will receive a refund of housing and meal plan payments in accordance with the Refund and Bill Adjustment Policy. Through the 14th day after the add/drop deadline, room and meal plan charges are refunded based on a daily pro-rated calculation, using the official withdrawal date. Beyond the 14th day after the add/drop deadline, there is no refund.

$750 Mid-year cancel: Between fall and spring semesters, students can break their housing contract between semesters for $750 fee if they:

  • fill out a mid-year cancellation form (
  • have fulfilled their residency requirement (lived on campus for four full semesters)
  • have no residency requirement (transfer students)
  • still have a residency requirement, but submit a notarized form stating they will be living at home within a commutable distance with a parent/guardian

Students will be released from their housing contract at no charge if they:

  • complete a degree program
  • have a documented marriage
  • study abroad
  • are doing an internship or student-teaching outside the Burlington area, as documented by their academic unit
  • started their requirement in the Spring and completed their residency requirement in the fall semester; ex. Spring Starts

Commuter Request

Students who are able to live with a parent or guardian within a commutable distance from campus may want to live at home, and exceptions to their residency requirement will be considered. 

Requests can be made using our commuter request (PDF), which must be notarized and submitted by August 1st. We require a notarized statement from the parent or guardian each semester a student is required to live on campus.* 

*A new form needs to be resubmitted each academic year.

If a form is submitted and notarized in the Fall of the academic year, it does not need to be resubmitted for Spring semester. 

If enrolling in the Spring, a form would need to be submitted and notarized for the Spring semester by December 1.

If you have submitted documents for the Spring semester but decide to stay at home through the Fall, you must resubmit the form in the Fall by August 1.


Suspension or Dismissal

Students academically suspended or dismissed between semesters must make arrangements to check out of their room by 2:00 p.m. the Friday before halls open in January.

Students academically or judicially suspended or dismissed during the academic year have 48 hours from the date of withdrawal to check out of their room, and should follow standard checkout procedures through their resident advisor (RA) and residential complex office manager.

Not Registered for Classes

Students who are no longer registered and/or have been academically suspended or dismissed from classes have 48 hours from the date of withdrawal to check out of their room, and should follow standard checkout procedures through their resident advisor (RA) and residential complex office manager.

Contract Release

If you experience dramatic changes in circumstances beyond your control since moving into your residence hall that cannot be resolved by other accommodations, you may be eligible for release from your housing contract.

Automatic contract releases can be granted for:

  • Withdrawal from school or leave of absence
  • Marriage/civil union (please submit a copy of your license)
  • Graduation
  • Student teaching/internship (outside the Burlington area)
  • Non-traditional student (23 years or older at the start of the academic year)

Contract releases may also be considered when there is a major change in circumstances beyond your control since moving into your residence hall. Some examples are:

  • Disability Accommodations: Requests for contract release may be considered for students with certified, documented ADA disabilities. Please make an appointment with a specialist at Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to discuss your request. You will need to provide documentation of your disability if it is not on file. This process will take some time, so please plan ahead.
  • Financial Considerations: Students facing a significant change in financial circumstances may apply for a contract release. Residential Life will contact a staff member in Student Financial Services on your behalf to discuss your request and determine your eligibility.



Contact your area coordinator or residence director. They will meet with you to determine whether your request is eligible for consideration. If so, they will forward your name and UVM NetID to Residential Life administrative services.

1. The associate director for administrative services will email you (sent to your UVM email address) details of the information needed, as well as deadline and notification dates.

2. A decision regarding your request will be sent to your UVM email address by the notification date.

3. If your contract release is not granted, you may submit a written appeal to the director of Residential Life. The appeal must be submitted by the appeal deadline date and based on either:

  • New information (not withheld) that was not available at the time you submitted your information.
  • Contention that the procedures for review of the release request were not followed

4. A decision regarding your appeal will be sent to your UVM email address by the appeal notification date.

If your contract release is granted, please remember it is your responsibility to officially check out of your residence hall. If and when you are ready to return to UVM, please call our office to discuss your housing options. We'll miss you!

Fraternity and Sorority (Greek) Release

First-time, first-year students are not eligible to live in a fraternity or sorority chapter house for the first year. Returning students who intend to reside in a chapter house for their sophomore year must submit their names to their chapter in accordance with the guidelines and process established by Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL).