Fall 2021 Housing Selection



The 2021-2022 contract is open February 16-28, 2021 for current students required to live on campus. Please follow this process if you are required to live on campus despite your at-home or in-person status:

  1. Login to housing.uvm.edu
    • Click "Login" on the green navigation bar
    • Select blue box at bottom: UVM - STUDENT SSO LOGIN
    • Enter your UVM NetID and password
    • Select 2021-2022 Housing and Meal Plan Contract.
  2. Rank Learning Communities (LCs) in your order of preference. Students have priority to return to their current LC if they rank it as their first choice. 
  3. If you do not wish to be considered for an LC, rank traditional (unprogrammed) highest.
  4. Indicate if you want gender-inclusive housing (optional).
  5. Preference a roommate who has also begun their contract (optional).
  6. Select your meal plan (Unlimited Access, Retail Points, or the new Flex Plan)



  • Placements will be released March 11, 2021.
  • Log in to housing.uvm.edu to view your LC placement.



  • Shortly before your room selection event, we'll email you information with complete details on how and when to select your room.
  • Order of room selection is based on class year as determined by completed academic credit.
  • Students who have mutually preferenced each other as roommates on their contracts will receive details on how to choose a room together.



  • Trading Spaces is the final phase of returner room selection. To the extent possible, you will have the opportunity to move within your Learning Community (LC) or between communities by trading spaces with another student. These moves will begin in April after room selection has been completed and will be managed by ResLife staff.
  • Trading Spaces can help support you in: 1) getting your preferred LC; and/or 2) getting your preferred roommate. As space permits, we’ll work to achieve both goals. If that is not possible, we’ll ask you which is more important to you—being in the LC, or having a specific roommate.


In Fall 2021, all returning students will be placed in one of these eight Learning Communities (LCs) or in traditional (unprogrammed) housing. Please note: These locations are tentative at this time and are subject to change.


Arts and Creativity: Hunt, McCann, Mercy, Ready, Richardson, Sichel

Cultural Crossroads: Living/Learning A, B, C, E

Honors College: University Heights North

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Hamilton, Mason, Simpson

Leadership and Social Change: Millis

Outdoor Experience: Coolidge, Redstone, Slade, Wilks, Wing

Sustainability: Harris

Wellness Environment: Christie, Patterson

Traditional (unprogrammed) Housing: Jeanne Mance, Converse


Accommodation requests are handled through Student Accessibility Services and must be renewed each academic year. Please contact them by February 26, 2021 for best consideration during the returner room selection process.


Things to keep in mind:

  1. You cannot preference roommate(s) until they have opened and begun to edit their contract.
  2. We will honor mutual roommate preferences as best we can and as space permits. Roommate preferences take priority over LC rankings. For best placement, make sure your LC rankings are the same.
  3. Roommate pairs may be placed in double or triple rooms.
  4. If you choose to preference two roommates and your LC has triple rooms, we will guarantee your roommate preferences (more about triple rooms).


To preference roommate(s):

  • On your housing and meal plan contract, enter the NetID (e.g. jsmith) of the person you wish to room with.
  • Your intended roommate(s) must also preference you the same way.
  • Roommate preferences must be mutual and cannot be added after the contract closes February 28, 2021.
  • Be sure to save your roommate preference(s).
  • Roommate preferences are not guaranteed. But we will do our best to honor them!


When do roommates choose a room?

  • Mutual roommate pairs will choose a room together as space permits.
  • Roommate pairs who do not choose a room during their designated time will cancel the roommate preference and will select (or be assigned to) rooms separately.
  • If at any time prior to fall opening a triple room is not at full occupancy,  ResLife reserves the right to relocate the remaining resident(s)—which, depending on available space, could be in different rooms.
  • During the academic year, triple rooms are used to expand housing capacity when necessary. As space permits, they are converted back to double rooms. When this occurs, the double rate will be charged to the remaining two students on a prorated daily basis. Read more about triple rooms and  room rate adjustments.


Housing and meal plan contract opensFebruary 16, 2021
SAS deadline for ADA housing accommodation requestsFebruary 26, 2021
Housing and meal plan contract closesFebruary 28, 2021
Learning Community placement notificationMarch 11, 2021
ONLINE ROOM SELECTION (by Learning Community)March 15-April 1, 2020
Sustainability / email sent Monday, March 15Tuesday, March 16 - select online
Traditional / email sent Wednesday, March 17Thursday, March 18 - select online
Wellness Environment / email sent Wednesday, March 17Thursday, March 18 - select online
Arts & Creativity / email sent Monday, March 22Tuesday, March 23 - select online
Outdoor Experience / email sent Monday, March 22Tuesday, March 23 - select online
Leadership & Social Change / email sent Wednesday, March 24Thursday, March 25 - select online
Innovation & Entrepreneurship / email sent Wednesday, March 24Thursday, March 25 - select online
Cultural Crossroads / email sent Monday, March 29Tuesday, March 30 - select online
Honors College / email sent Wednesday, March 31Thursday, April 1 - select online
Trading Spaces requests availableApril 5-May 7, 2021