Although most facility/room requests are made through Event Management Services, our residence halls have some meeting spaces not visible in EMS.

We do not manage all spaces in the residence halls. To inquire about a room not listed here, please contact EMS.


Davis Hall 138 multi-purpose room
Davis Hall 140 small classroom
Davis Hall 144 kitchen/lobby
Harris-Millis Commons 103 meeting room
Harris-Millis Commons 115 multi-purpose room - hybrid
Harris-Millis Commons 116 lobby
Living/Learning Commons 306 conference room
Marsh Hall 108 lounge space
Marsh Hall 110 lounge space
Marsh Hall 112 classroom - hybrid
McAuley Hall 004 lounge
McAuley Hall 004A small conference room
Wright Hall 103 meeting room
Wright Hall 108 meeting room
Wright Hall 114 meeting room
Wright Hall 195 rotunda



Hybrid Rooms Are shared by ResLife, Registrar, and Event Services

  • They are multi-purpose classrooms Harris/Millis 115 (known as "the garage") and Marsh 112
  • ResLife space during academic year: M-F after 5:30 p.m. and weekends
  • During scheduling runs, registrar schedules credit-bearing classes M-F 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and during finals week 7:00 a.m.-10 p.m. (including weekends). Registrar releases space after scheduling run for daytime use (Dec. 1 for spring semester, May 1 for fall semester, early March for summer semester).
  • ResLife or Event Services can then directly reserve any leftover space M-F before 5:30 p.m.


Priority during the academic year (booking begins August 1 for the next academic year)

1. Learning community courses (even though credit-bearing, registrar does not schedule)

2. Then, first-come, first-served…in this order in case of competing priorities:

  • Residence eduation team needs and learning community meetings and programs
  • Other Residential Life events
  • Complex residents/UVM students (for occasional SGA club meetings, etc.)
  • Other campus partners (but usually not recurring meetings)
  • Off-campus requests (via Event Services)

Area office managers book these spaces and will:

  • Begin booking for the next academic year on August 1
  • Avoid booking recurring non-ResLife requests (to leave availability for learning community events)
  • Check with area coordinator for clarification if needed


Priority during the summer

  • All ResLife spaces can be used by Summer Conferences
  • Summer Conferences has first priority to book them, but releases space afterwards (usually late spring… similar to registrar scheduling runs)


Contact the area office manager:

  • Davis Hall: 802.656.7941
  • Harris Hall: 802.656.7949
  • Living/Learning: 802.656.8365
  • Marsh Hall: 802.656.5481
  • McAuley Hall: 802.656.9398
  • Wright Hall: 802.656.4155

Before taking your request, the office manager will need to know:

  • Purpose, day, time, of event
  • Number of people attending
  • If event includes activities that are physical in nature and/or may have higher than typical risk for injury or involve minors (individuals under 18 that are not enrolled UVM students)