THEMED HOUSES (2020-2021)

After Learning Community placements are released on February 25, students placed in Cultural Crossroads have the option to create a themed house within one of the four villages: The Global Village, The Cultural Expression Village, The Community Connections Village, or The Identity Collective Village. Students interested in creating a themed house should attend a drop-in House Info Session on February 27 between 2-6 p.m. in Living/Learning Room 205.

House proposal timeline February 28-March 6, 2020
House proposal notifications March 13, 2020
House interest sign-ups March 16-27, 2020
House acceptance notifications March 30, 2020
Online room selection April 3, 2020



Community Connections Village

  • The Cheese House will provide a community of people who are passionate about cheese to learn more about this industry and what impacts it has on individuals and communities.
  • Empowering Women in STEM is a supportive environment where members can talk about the issues women face in a male dominated field and provide opportunities to help build up women/girls in the community.
  • The Wholesome House will strive to create a place where every person will be accepted through conversations, being able to express emotions freely, and building a community of trust and respect.
  • The Animal Rights House will educate the community on why animal rights matter, and what we can do to improve the lives of animals across the world and in our own community.
  • STEM House is for students with an interest in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics to live in a shared space where they can enjoy these topics together.
  • Womxn in Media seeks to uplift each other and fellow womxn, identify role models and implement their teachings in our lives, and attend feminist-based events together.

Cultural Expression Village

  • The Culinary Crossroads House is a themed culinary house that brings together communities through the sharing of food. Students of different backgrounds are encouraged to bring components of their various cultures to the metaphorical and physical table.  
  • The Creative Writing House is an encouraging community where people can come together to share work and ideas and become confident in their skills as a writer or poet.
  • The Book House will focus on bringing representation into the community through diverse literature and characters’ points of view.
  • The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in the Arts House creates an environment that will let its members explore the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and related genres, and expand their knowledge of work--both familiar and unfamiliar. 
  • The World Music House looks to discover how the world and its people express their emotions, struggles, and life experiences through the universal language of music.
  • The Oldies House is for people who have a passion for the music of yesteryear. Whether this be someone who’s a member of an AC/DC cover band, a music student studying the history of rock and roll, or even someone who simply listens to the Beatles the third Sunday of every month, this house is a welcoming space for all!

Global Village

  • The Afro-Latinx House is open to people who identify as African or Hispanic to share their culture and values and for individuals who would want to understand what it means to be African, Hispanic... or both.
  • The Sino-Korean House is a place where Chinese and Korean culture can be exchanged and shared with those who are interested.
  • The Antarctica House is a community focused on the cultural significance of Antarctica and global impact of its exploration.
  • The Scandinavian House hopes to celebrate Scandinavian cultures and languages, with an emphasis on the cultural concept of “hygge,” a Danish and Norwegian term for a mood or moment of deep comfort.
  • The Africa House a place for all people to learn about and celebrate the many differing cultures on the African continent.
  • The Japanese House is a community of passionate learners of Japanese culture and language.
  • Europe House is open to people interested in learning about different languages, traditions, and cultures throughout Europe.

Identity Collective Village

  • The Jewish Women's Collective is primarily focused around what it means to be a Jewish women in today’s society by empowering women, practicing Jewish culture, and questioning gender roles through a Jewish lens.
  • La Casa De Cultura exists to educate and celebrate the cultures of Latin countries all over the world.
  • The Multicultural/Multiracial House aims to create a space for all people to acknowledge and celebrate multiracial and multiethnic students through deep conversations, cooking cultural meals that remind you of home, and celebrating our beautiful differences.
  • The Caribbean House is a place to celebrate the diversity in Caribbean culture and to continue to bring awareness to issues that are associated with our Caribbean student body.