Q: What’s my mailing address?
A:  Use this address for your mail and packages:

Your First and Last Name
Your Unit # (check list)
Your Street (check list)
Burlington, VT 05405

Q: Where to do I get my mail and packages?
A: Each residential complex has its own mailroom, and you will get your mail and packages there. So convenient!

Q: When can I start getting my packages and how do they arrive?
Please do not ship packages until the week before halls open. Be sure to have things addressed to you (not your parents). Mail and packages with incorrect address information will be delayed or returned.

  • UPS, FedEx, etc. drivers deliver packages directly to each complex mailroom, and we sign for them. They are easiest to track.
  • U.S. Mail and Priority Mail packages are first received by UVM's Print & Mail Center and then delivered to each complex mailroom.

Q: What happens to my mail during academic breaks?
A: Most mailrooms are closed during breaks. If you need a UPS, FedEx, etc. package delivered when your mailroom is closed, please contact your shipper to request delivery to an off-campus location.

Q: What if I need something fixed in my room?
A: If it can wait a day or two, submit a Fix-it. Read more about maintenance issues.

Q: What if I’m locked out or lose my key?
A: If you get locked out, you can borrow a temporary loaner key free up to three times a year. There is a $25 charge for a fourth lockout.
If you lose your key, submit a Fix-it to request a lock change, unless you would like it done immediately. In that case, contact your main desk, RA, or UVM Police. There is a $55 charge for a lost or unreturned room key.

Q: What if I am sick?
A: Reach out to your RA and Student Health Services or 802.656.3350 for advice and guidance. Contact your dean's office if you are sick and missing classes for more than one day. If you not able to go to a dining facility, you can authorize a friend to use your ID and pick up a meal for you. Print the Meal Access Authorization Form or check UVM Dining.

Q: How do I report an emergency or a crime?
A: Call UVM Police Services at 802.656.3473 or 911. We recommend you put UVM Police in your cell phone contacts.

Q: How do I loft my bed?
A: Check bed-lofting directions. Most beds are easy to loft, but if you have any trouble, our facilities staff will be glad to help you out.

Q: What furniture do I have in my room?
A: Check our list of room furnishings.



Q: What should I bring to campus?
A: Check our list of what to bring/not to bring

Q: What if I need to stay late or return early?
Before any hall closing, you can sign up to stay one extra night for free. To return early, you would sign up for academic break housing, which is not free (you are charged a weekly rate). Read more about academic breaks.



Q: Who is/is not required to live on campus?
A: First-time, first-year students are required to live on campus for their first four semesters. You DO NOT have a housing requirement if: you will have completed your four-semester housing requirement at the end of the Spring 2017 semester; or never had a housing requirement to begin with (e.g., arrived at UVM as a transfer student). Still not sure? No problem! Just email for written clarification and we'll get back to you!

Q: I’m not required to live on campus. What are my options?
A: With the completion of the new residence hall on Central Campus, students who do not have an on-campus housing requirement are eligible to live on campus in the residence halls next year and can participate in room selection. Transfer students are never required to live on campus. But if you are a transfer student living in ResLife housing Spring 2017, you are eligible to live on campus next fall, and can participate in room selection.

Q: How can I live with my friends in a room or a suite?
A: As space permits, you can choose a double room with one friend, or a triple room with two friends, as long as you each mutually preference each other on your housing contract by the deadline. We will email mutual roommates instructions on how to choose a room together. But, sorry, you cannot sign up for a suite with your friends. If you do choose to live in a suite, the other rooms within the suite are open to anybody who may wish to choose there.

Q: I'm currently studying abroad. How do I get a room for the fall semester?
A:  If you are studying abroad in the spring but haven't completed your four-semester residency requirement even when counting semesters spent abroad, you must return to campus in the fall. If you contact us by February 24, 2017 and complete a housing contract by the deadline, you can choose a space for next year during spring room selection. If you are unable to participate in room selection, fill out a ResLife housing request at myResLife and we'll email you this summer to complete a housing and meal plan contract.

Q: Does choosing break housing on my contract affect my housing choices?
A: It can. If you choose break housing but also apply for programs located in non-break areas, you should retract those applications by the deadline if you only want to live in a break-housing area. Read more about academic break housing.

Q: What if I'm not sure of my housing plans for next year?
A: If you do have a housing requirement but are not sure if you’ll be returning to UVM, you should go through room selection to secure a spot. If you don't return to UVM before fall move-in, your housing contract will be cancelled automatically with no penalty. If you do not have a housing requirement, you may cancel your contract with no penalty up until the last day of the spring semester (May 12, 2017). After that, the cancel fee is $250 through June 30, and $500 from July 1 until opening. Either way, if you disenroll from UVM before moving in, your housing contract will be cancelled automatically with no penalty. If you accept an RA position after you've already chosen a space, there is no penalty. We'll automatically transfer your assignment to your RA room.

Q: What if I need a specific housing accommodation?
A: Housing accommodation request are handled through Student Accessibility Services (SAS), and must be renewed each year. We are only able to consider accommodations recommended by them. In order to fairly evaluate disability-related accommodation requests, documentation may be required. The SAS request deadline is March 15 for returning students.

Q: What if I plan on becoming a resident advisor (RA)?
A: Unless you've already accepted an RA position, you should select a space during spring room selection if you are required to live on campus next year. If you accept an RA position after you've already chosen a space, no worries -- we'll automatically transfer your assignment to your RA room. And hey--congratulations on becoming an RA!

Q: Oops, I missed a deadline. Now what?
A: We'll contact students required to live on campus after room selection has ended and assign them to an available space. Students who are not required to live on campus and miss room selection must complete a housing request form in myResLife to be considered for possible placement later in the summer.

Q: Lottery numbers... what do I need to know about them?
A: Lottery numbers are randomly generated and based on class year, as determined by completed academic credit. Everyone who submits a housing and meal plan contract by the deadline gets a lottery number. It determines the day and time you'll go online and select a room.

  • New lottery numbers are generated for each portion of the room selection process. These numbers expire as deadlines pass. So until you select a room, you'll receive a new lottery number for each phase of room selection you signed up for based on your choices. It can be a little confusing, so be sure read your emails from us very carefully to be sure you have the correct lottery number and selection time!
  • We will email students who have mutually preferenced each other as roommates with details about how to choose a room together (if space permits).

Q: What's the summer stand-by list?
A: This list is for anyone who got a fall housing assignment but would like to switch before fall semester move-in. We use it to offer room changes on a first-come, first-serve basis as space permits. It opens on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. To get on it, log into myResLife, follow the link to myHousing, and choose your preferred residential area.

  • The summer stand-by list expires when fall semester begins, and at that point you'll need to move into your assigned room. If you still want to switch rooms after that, you can pursue a "body-for-body" swap with someone else, request a friend to pull you into a half-filled double, or get on the room change request list to receive room change offers.

Q: How do I preference a roommate?
A: Roommate preferences cannot be guaranteed and roommate pairs are only able to choose a room assignment together as space permits. But we'll do our best! And remember: deadlines matter!

  • If you want to live in a double, on your housing contract, enter the NetID (e.g. jsmith) of the person you want to room with. Your intended roommate must also preference you the same way. Roommate preferences must be mutual and cannot be added the March 3 deadline. Be sure to click CONFIRM to save your preference.
  • If you want to live in a triple, email us by March 1, 2017 for instructions on how to edit your contract to add two roommates. All three students who want to live together must complete this same process, and no preferences can be added after the deadline.
  • Mutual pairs or trios choose a room together with no additional (non-preferenced) roommates. One person selects a room, and the other(s) are pulled in and assigned automatically. Roommate pairs or trios who miss their designated time to choose a room must wait and choose spaces separately during open room selection without a roommate (April 25/26).
  • If a triple room does not stay at full occupancy at any point before fall opening, the remaining resident(s) must identify an eligible replacement(s) willing to move into the vacant space(s). Otherwise we may relocate the remaining resident(s) to a double room--which, depending on available space, could be on a different floor, in a different building, or in a different complex.
  • When a triple rooms break down to a double, the double room rate will charged to the remaining two students on a prorated daily basis. This charge is added to your student account.



Q: May I bring an air conditioner?
Sorry, no air conditioners, but it's OK to bring a fan.

Q: What is my summer mailing address?
Summer mail goes to 31 Spear St., Burlington, VT 05405. You will receive more mailing information when you check in.



Q: Where do I find more information about my programmed housing options?
A: You can find links to websites for all programmed housing options here: Staff will be available during all Admitted Student Visit Days in February, March and April, and during Orientation in June.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Please visit the How to Apply page.

Q: Can I express interest in more than one theme or program?
A: Yes! We encourage you to express interest in as many programs as you are interested in. If you express interest in more than one program, be sure to rank your preferences for each program in the programmed housing application.

Q: Where are the communities located?

Arts Initiative Living/Learning Center
Dewey House Wing/Davis/Wilks
Global Village Living/Learning Center
GreenHouse University Heights South
Leadership Wing/Davis/Wilks
Living/Learning Programs Living/Learning Center
Outdoor Experience Coolige and Redstone Halls
Sustainability Harris/Millis and University Heights South
Wellness Environment New Residence Hall and Christie/Wright/Patterson


Q: What if my program preferences change?
A: You may adjust your program preferences (or withdraw any application) in the programmed housing application until June 30.

Q: Can I choose my own roommate?
A: You have the option to identify a preferred roommate on the housing and mealpPlan contract. If both of you are admitted to the program AND both of you mutually agree to be roommates on your contracts, we may be able to place you together, but it is not guaranteed.

Q: Can I visit before I apply/decide?
A: Most communities offer tours and/or information sessions during Admitted Student Visit Days in February, March and April.

Q: Can I choose to live in just regular, non-themed housing?
A: In Fall 2017, we expect 75% of our first-year students to be placed in one of the Learning Communities described above, but if you choose not to live in one of these communities, our traditional housing offers thoughtful, peer-led programming that is designed to give you a successful start at UVM.

Q: I still have more questions--who can I talk to?
A: Let us know how we can help! Contact us at: or 802.656.3434.