Q: How do I get housing?
A: Please review steps and timeline for incoming first-year students.

Q: When/how will I know my LC placement?
A: By the end of May, your LC will be displayed in

Q: How do I get a specific location?
A: On your housing contract, you will be able to rank your LC choices, and will have the opportunity to select your room after you've submitted your contract. 

Q: How do I fit a three-credit course into my class schedule?
A: No worries… a three-credit course fits easily into most student schedules. Before you sign up for your classes, the registrar will automatically assign you to the course required for your LC. Your academic advisor or LC program director are also good resources to answer any questions you may have.

Q: How do I get an ADA housing accommodation?
A: Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for a housing accommodation. Contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) by June 25th for best consideration.

Q: What if I want to live at home?
A: Students who are able to live with a parent or guardian within a commutable distance from campus may want to live at home, and we will consider exceptions to their residency requirement. Requests can be made using our commuter request (PDF), which must be notarized, and must be received by August 1st. We do require a notarized statement from the parent or guardian for each semester that a student is required to live on campus.



Q: What is my mailing address?
A:  Use this address for your mail and packages:

Your First and Last Name
Your Hall and Room Number
Your Street (check list)
Burlington, VT 05405

Q: Where to do I get my mail and packages?
A: Each residential complex has its own mailroom, and you will get your mail and packages there. So convenient!

Q: When can I start getting my packages and how do they arrive?
Please do not ship packages until the week before halls open. Be sure to have things addressed to you (not your parents). Mail and packages with incorrect address information will be delayed or returned.

  • UPS, FedEx, etc. drivers deliver packages directly to each complex mailroom, and we sign for them. They are easiest to track.
  • U.S. Mail and Priority Mail packages are first received by UVM's Print and Mail Center and then delivered to each complex mailroom.

Q: What happens to my mail during academic breaks?
A: Most mailrooms are closed during breaks. If you need a UPS, FedEx, etc. package delivered when your mailroom is closed, please contact your shipper to request delivery to an off-campus location.

Q: What if I need something fixed in my room?
A: If it can wait a day or two, submit a Fix-it. Read more about maintenance issues.

Q: What if I’m locked out or lose my key?
A: If you get locked out, you can borrow a temporary loaner key free up to three times a year. There is a $25 charge for a fourth lockout.
If you lose your key, submit a Fix-it to request a lock change, unless you would like it done immediately. In that case, contact your main desk, RA, or UVM Police. There is a $55 charge for a lost or unreturned room key.

Q: What if I am sick?
A: Reach out to your RA and Student Health Services or 802.656.3350 for advice and guidance. Contact your dean's office if you are sick and missing classes for more than one day. If you not able to go to a dining facility, you can authorize a friend to use your ID and pick up a meal for you. Print a Sick Tray Meal Access Authorization Form or check UVM Dining.

Q: How do I report an emergency or a crime?
A: Call UVM Police at 802.656.3473 or 911. We recommend you put their number in your cell phone contacts.

Q: How do I loft my bed?
A: Check bed-lofting directions. Most beds are easy to loft, but if you have any trouble, our facilities staff will be glad to help you out.

Q: What furniture do I have in my room?
A: Check our list of room furnishings.



Q: What should I bring to campus?
A: Check our list of what to bring/not to bring.

Q: What if I need to return early from Thanksgiving, winter, or spring break?
If you need to return just one day early, email us to register for a $50 early return. To return more than one day early, plan to sign up for academic break housing (you will be charged a weekly rate). Read more about academic breaks.



Q: Where do I find more information about my Learning Community (LC) options?
A: Explore Learning Communities and meet with LC staff during Admitted Student Visit Days.

Q: How do I apply to a Learning Community?
A: When you fill out your housing contract, rank LCs in your order of preference—no application needed!

Q: Where are Learning Communites located?
Find location details for each LC on their respective web pages and also on your housing contract.

Q: What if my preferences change?
A: You can re-rank your LC preferences as long as the contract is open.

Q: Can I choose my own roommate?
A: Yes, you can preference a roommate(s) during Trading Spaces. If both of you mutually preference each other, we will do our best to place you together, but it is not guaranteed.

Q: Can I choose to live in just "regular" housing?
A:  First-time, first-year students will be placed in a Learning Community. Returning students who do not wish to live in an LC can minimize their chances of being placed in one by ranking traditional (unprogrammed) as their highest preference.

Q: I still have more questions--who can I talk to?
A: Let us know how we can help! Contact us at or 802.656.3434.



RA Application Process

Q: Can commuter/off-campus students apply for the RA position?
A: All applicants must have lived on campus for at least one (1) semester at the time of their application. Off-campus and commuter students who have lived on campus previously but do not currently live on campus are eligible to apply. However, if you are a commuter or off-campus student and have never lived on campus before, you are not eligible to apply for the RA position.

Q: I’m an incoming transfer student who hasn’t arrived to UVM but am interested in the RA position. Am I allowed to apply?
A: Transfer students may apply for the RA position, provided that they are able to provide documentation for having lived on campus at their previous institution and meet the minimum requirements for the position. A video interview will be set up to allow incoming transfer students to interview, should they reach the interview stage.

Q: Are graduate students allowed to apply for the RA position?
A: While traditionally an undergraduate position, graduate students are allowed to apply for the RA position. Graduate students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and a full-time course load of nine credit hours.

Q: If I applied for the RA position last academic year and was an alternate, do I need to reapply?
No, applications and hire status expire at the start of each academic year. If you were placed on the alternate list and have not yet received an offer, you are still in the running to become a mid-year hire.

Q: My cumulative GPA falls below the minimum 2.5. Am I disqualified from applying?
No. However, if your cumulative GPA falls significantly below 2.5, you may not be allowed to move forward in the hiring process. The academic success of our RAs is important to us, and due to the demands of the RA position, new RAs must be succeeding academically. If there are extenuating circumstances that have impacted your overall cumulative GPA, please email to set up an appointment before applying.

Q: I have a prior conduct violation. Am I disqualified from applying?
A: Not necessarily. We review conduct violations on a case-by-case basis and consider a variety of factors, including the nature of the violation, what you learned from it, the time between the violation and RA application, how many violations, etc. A member from the RA recruitment and selection team will reach out to discuss your candidacy further.

  • Candidates currently on probation with UVM or on a deferred suspension may not apply for the RA position.
  • Candidates who have a conduct violation while engaged in the RA application process (once you apply) may be disqualified. It is essential to disclose this to the RA recruitment and selection team as soon as it occurs, to set up an appointment to discuss.

Q: I’m in ROTC, or a member of the Armed Forces. Can I still apply?
Yes! We have many RAs who are in ROTC or in the Armed Forces and we are eager to work with you to help make the RA position work as harmoniously as possible with your academic and military requirements. If you have questions, please let us know!

Q: I’m a varsity athlete with a busy schedule. Can I still apply?
Yes! We have many RAs who participate in sports. We expect that the priority commitment outside of academics is the RA position. However, we are more than willing to work with you to help balance your academics and athletic commitments with the RA position.

Q: I was a former RA but didn’t leave the position because of study abroad or military leave. May I still apply for the rapid rehire program?
No. Only RAs who vacated the position for the above two reasons may apply for Rapid Rehire. RAs who left the position for other reasons and had not completed a full year of being an RA must reapply through the regular rehire process.

Q: I’m not a prior Wellness Environment student but am now interested in being a part of WE. May I apply to be a WE RA?
All applicants for WE RA positions must have been a member of WE and taken the Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies course prior to application. If you are interested in WE, we encourage you to apply and live in WE for at least one semester, then apply to be a WE RA at a later date.


The Big Weekend (RA Interview Weekend), Selection and Placement

Q: I can’t make the weekend of interviews. What do I do?
We will schedule a series of in-person interviews with various staff in Residential Life on a case-by-case basis. We strongly encourage you to make every attempt to make The Big Weekend, as much as possible.

Q: There is only one community that I want to be an RA in. Do I have to do more than one Learning Community interview?
No, you do not have to sign up for more than one Learning Community group interview However, you significantly reduce your chances of being selected and placed as an RA.

Q: I didn’t get my top choice for community placement. Can I decline the position and be placed on the alternate list until a position in my desired community comes up?
No, declining an RA offer due to not receiving your top choice placement for Learning Community means declining the position, period. If you decline, you would be required to reapply and re-interview during a later interview process to be considered as an RA.

Q: What happens if I decline for other reasons (personal, financial, lost interest, etc.)
If you decline the RA position, you need to reapply and re-interview for the RA position during a later cycle should you decide to apply again.

Q: I was hired for the Wellness Environment. How do you determine if I’m in the Christie/Wright/Patterson or Central Campus Residence Hall location?
WE RA placements are made in collaboration with the area coordinators as well as Wellness Environment staff. Any questions regarding specific building placement for WE will be directed to the WE staff.

Q: How does the alternate list work?
The alternate list is for candidates who we believe have the potential to be good RAs but may not have been directly hired for a variety of reasons. There isn’t a specific order to the alternate list. We hire from that list based on a variety of factors, mainly centered around the needs of the community where the vacancy is. We literally can offer you a position at any time. We’ve offered positions within weeks of concluding the hiring process, a week before fall training, and even in the middle of the semester.

Q: What is the New Hire Orientation? Do I have to attend?
The New Hire Orientation and Social is an opportunity for all RAs for the following year to come together, meet their Learning Community team, and ask questions! It is important and expected for all RAs to attend.


The RA Experience

Q: I can’t make all of RA training. What should I do?
Please contact the RA recruitment and selection team at However, please note that permission to miss parts of training is given strictly on a case-by-case basis. You are expected to make every effort to attend all of training. If your summer plans prevent you from attending most or all of RA training, please re-evaluate if the RA position is appropriate for you at this time.

Q: What is the length of employment for RAs?
The length of employment for RAs runs from the start of fall training (generally within the first week of August) until the halls close at the end of exams in May. RAs must reapply to be eligible to return for additional years.

Q: What is the standard time commitment for an RA?
RAs can expect on average 20 hours/week in the RA position. This includes individual one-on-one meetings with your supervisor, sharing duty responsibilities, facilitating and attending programs, and weekly staff meetings, among other things. Some weeks you may have more RA responsibilities than others.

Q: How long is training?
Fall training traditionally runs from the first week in August until the halls open for the academic year. Winter training traditionally runs the week before classes start in January.

Q: Can I hold another job/leadership position/extra-curricular activity outside of the RA position?
Yes, you may. However, you will be required to seek permission from your direct supervisor for any additional outside employment or leadership roles outside of the RA position.

Q: Do I have to stay until the halls close for breaks?
Yes, all RAs share in break closing responsibilities, including Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks as well as closing at the end of the academic year.

Q: Am I allowed time away?
Yes, RAs are generally allowed 2-3 weekends away per semester. You will work with your supervisor to request time away. This does not include time away for academic or military reasons.


RA: Miscellaneous

Q: Will the RA compensation affect my financial aid?
Potentially. RA compensation can affect each person’s financial aid differently. We encourage you to contact Student Financial Services in 223 Waterman or visit to find out whether or not the compensation will affect your aid.

Q: I’m not comfortable with confrontation. Will there be training for that?
Not to worry! All RAs participate in extensive training to learn how to address conflict and repair harm to their communities. Additionally, all RAs are continuously supported and mentored by ResLife!

Q: I’m don’t know a lot about diversity or working with people from different cultures. Am I able to be an RA?
Yes! We acknowledge that everyone has different experiences and exposure to difference, other cultures, other identities, etc. Part of the RA experience is learning how to navigate and work with those different from you, to help make the world a better place for you and others. The main requirement is that you come in with an open mind and a willingness to learn!



Q: Who is required to live on campus?
A: First-time, first-year students are required to live on campus for their first four semesters. It is your responsibility to verify if you have a housing requirement. If you do have a housing requirement and do not choose a room during room selection, your student account will still be charged for a traditional-style double room, an average meal plan, and the IRA fee.

Q: Who is not required to live on campus?
A: You do not have a housing requirement for the following year if:

  • You will have completed your four-semester housing requirement at the end of the spring semester; or
  • You never had a housing requirement to begin with (e.g., arrived at UVM as a transfer student age 20+ the first day of classes).

Not sure if you have a housing requirement or not? Email us to check your residency requirement status.

Q: I’m not required to live on campus. What are my on-campus housing options?
A: Current on-campus students who do not have a housing requirement for the following year are not guaranteed housing and are encouraged to seek off campus housing.

Q: I’m a transfer student living on campus now. What about me?
A: Transfer students currently living on campus are eligible to live on campus next fall if the fall semester would be their second semester of their housing requirement.

Q: I want to live with my friend. How can I pick a room with a preferred roommate?
A: On your housing contract, enter the NetID (e.g., jsmith) of the person you wish to room with. Your intended roommate must also preference you the same way. Roommate preferences must be mutual and cannot be added after the contract closes. Mutual roommates will be emailed all the details about how to choose a room together.

Q: Can I sign up for a suite with my friends?
A: No sorry, you cannot. You can only sign up for a room with one or two roommates (as long as you preferenced each other on the contract). If you do sign up for a room in a suite, the other rooms within the suite are open to others who may wish to choose there.

Q: I'm currently studying abroad. How do I get a room for the fall semester?
A: You must return to campus in the fall if you are currently studying abroad (or will be during spring semester), but have not yet completed your four-semester residency requirement (even when counting semesters spent abroad). If you are required to be on campus in the fall, you are eligible to participate in the spring room selection process if you complete a contract by the deadline. You will then receive all room selection emails sent to on-campus students. If you are unable to submit a contract or participate in room selection, submit a housing request at

Q: Must I select a meal plan when I fill out my housing and meal plan contract?
A: Yes, everyone who lives on campus is required to have a meal plan.

Q: What if I need break housing?
A: Break housing is available in every hall for an additional cost, but you need to sign up to have access. Read more about break housing.

Q: How does choosing gender-inclusive housing on my contract affect my housing choices?
A: Gender-inclusive housing is available in most Learning Communities - more about gender-inclusive housing (PDF).

Q: Can I get a single room?
A: Although very limited, some single rooms are available during room selection.

Q: How can I make sure to get on Redstone Campus for next year?
A: Redstone Campus is very popular, and there may not be enough space to meet the demand. The best way to get on Redstone Campus is to preference a Learning Community located there.

Q: Can I just stay in my current room for next year?
A: No, sorry... we cannot guarantee that you will be able to return to your current room for next year. However, it may be available for you to choose again during room selection.

Q: What happens if I miss the deadline to choose my room?
A: If you are required to live on campus, we'll contact you after room selection has ended and assign you to an available space. If you are not required to live on campus, housing is not guaranteed and you'll need to submit a housing request at

Q: What if I plan to become a resident advisor (RA)?
A: If you are required to live on campus next year, you must complete a contract and participate in room selection. If you accept an RA position after you've already chosen a space, we'll automatically transfer your assignment to your RA room.

Q: What if I need a specific housing accommodation because of a disability?
A: All ResLife housing accommodation requests are handled through the Student Accessibility (SAS) office, and must be renewed each year. In order to fairly evaluate disability-related accommodation requests, documentation is required.

Q: What if I'm not sure of my housing plans for next year?
A: The answer depends on your housing requirement status.

If you DO have a housing requirement:

  • Remember, all students who have not fulfilled their on-campus housing requirement must live on campus.
  • If you are required to be on campus next fall but are not sure if you will return to UVM, you should go through room selection to secure a space.
  • If you do not return to UVM, your housing contract will be canceled automatically with no penalty.

If you DO NOT have a housing requirement:

  • Cancellation fees will apply if you accept and then cancel on-campus housing and remain enrolled at UVM.
  • If you were offered and accepted an on-campus housing and meal plan contract, you may cancel it with no penalty until the last day of the spring semester. After that, the cancel fee is $250 through June 30, and $500 from July 1 until opening.
  • If you disenroll from UVM before moving in, your housing contract will be canceled automatically with no penalty.
  • If you accept an RA position after you've already chosen a space there is no penalty. We will automatically transfer your assignment to your RA room.