Bedbugs are an equal-opportunity pest. If you find bedbugs in your room it does not mean your room or the building is dirty or unhygienic. It simply means that a bug or two found its way into a place with humans, probably stowed away on luggage or linens from elsewhere. Bedbugs have not been found to spread disease. Even though they are annoying and not pleasant, they do not present a major health risk to you. We have protocols in place to deal with bedbugs if they are found in one of our buildings. If you suspect you may have bedbugs, please submit a Fix-it right away.


  • Don't panic! If you think you have bedbugs, they can be eliminated if you follow ResLife's instructions and basic prevention guidelines
  • If you notice bites, especially on your arms, shoulders, neck, or calves, and in lines of three bites, or suspect your bed may have bedbugs
    • Submit a Fix-it under pest control
    • Immediately report it to ResLife staff (CA, RA, OM, ARD, or RD).
  • Basic Prevention:
    • Put any item that can be put in a dryer without causing damage in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes. This can include bedding, clothes, shoes, purses, backpacks, and toys. The high heat will kill bedbugs at all stages in their lifecycle
    • Other items that cannot be placed in a dryer can be wrapped in plastic trash bag and placed in a hot location such as outdoors directly under the sun or in a closed vehicle. The temperature inside the bag must rise to at least 120 degrees for 20-30 minutes.
    • Use a vacuum with an attachment that can access crevices and seams in beds, furniture, and walls. Because bedbugs have a strong grasp on the furniture make sure to scrape the vacuum attachment against the fabric to dislodge the bugs and the eggs. After vacuuming, remove the bag, wrap it in another plastic bag to prevent bugs from escaping and discard it in the building’s dumpster.
  • Do not attempt to spray for bedbugs yourself, as standard bug spray will not kill them. We will bring in professionals who are trained and licensed to evaluate and develop an action plan.

If we all do our part to prevent bedbugs in our halls, and take proper measures to control them when found, they won't be a problem for us here at UVM.