Fall 2020 on-campus housing timeline:

  • July 24-28: Check your quarantine status and submit your Fall 2020 Housing Planning Form.
    • Incoming students* will indicate their quarantine needs and select a move-in time.

    • Returning students will opt to relocate, indicate their quarantine needs, and select a move-in time
  • August 3: Roommate/Assignments communicated
  • August 14: Move-in for students beginning on-campus quarantine
  • August 23-24: Students quarantining move to their Fall 2020 assigned room
  • August 25-29: General student move-in

*Incoming transfer students can submit the Housing Planning Form starting the week of July 27. Visit our Transfer Student page for more timeline details. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are my options to get my preferred roommates for the Fall 2020 Semester?

We will continue to fulfill preferred roommate requests for students that are currently assigned to the same Learning Community. If you already submitted a trading spaces request earlier in the summer, no need to do anything further.  If you are in the same Learning Community as your preferred roommate and would like to submit a request after the fact, email us at reslife@uvm.edu with the subject line Preferred Roommate Request. Requests will be fulfilled in the order they are received and our hope is to complete as many as possible before move-in.

2. I am in a double room with no assigned roommate, how can I get my preferred roommate?

Students who currently have no roommate assigned to their double room can email reslife@uvm.edu and specify the student within their same Learning Community who they would like to pull into their room, please ensure your subject line in the email specifies Roommate Pull-In.

3. How can I change my move-in time?

You can access the planning form until August 14th to change your move-in date and time.

4. What should I do if I have not completed the housing planning form?

Students who have not accessed the housing planning form will have until August 7th to indicate the need to quarantine on campus. Students who will not quarantine on campus will have until August 14th to select from the available move-in dates and times.

5. How can I change the quarantine option that I selected?

If you have already completed the planning form and now need to change your quarantine selection, please email reslife@uvm.edu no later than August 7th with the request to quarantine on campus or cancel your request to quarantine on campus.

6. What is the difference between a “live-at-home” request and the “at-home option?”

Students able to live with a parent or guardian within a commutable distance from campus may request to live at home. Students whose requests are approved are then released from their on-campus housing requirement for the semester in which the form is submitted and are still eligible to attend on-campus, in-person classes.
Students who choose the at-home option will not be eligible to attend on-campus, in-person classes, and would participate in remote/online classes only.
 Read more about leaving housing.

7. How will choosing the at-home option affect my on-campus residency requirement?

We will waive one semester of the on-campus residency requirement for any student choosing the fall semester at-home option. (For example, the requirement for incoming first-year students choosing to stay at home in the fall will decrease from four semesters to three semesters).

8. I am a returning student. If I choose the at-home option for fall semester, will the room and roommate(s) I chose during online room selection still be available in the spring?

We are following the standards set by the UVM Strong Working Group and the guidance of the Governor’s Office to reduce residence hall density. Because we are eliminating triple rooms, we will need reassign students to available fall semester spaces. If you do not plan to return to campus until spring, is rather unlikely the original room you chose during room selection will still be available.

9. If I choose the at-home option for the fall, am I expected to return to campus for the spring semester?

Yes, at this time, the at-home option is for the fall semester only.

10. I would like to room with someone in a different Learning Community or change my Learning Community.

At this time the Trading Spaces form is currently closed. After we have completed the Fall 2020 Move-In the department will communicate updates about accessing the Trading Spaces form again.

11. Will juniors and seniors with fall housing assignments be forced off campus?

No. Residential Life will not force juniors and seniors out of on-campus housing. We will honor all existing fall semester on-campus housing assignments.

12. If I am not required to live on campus but am interested. What should I do?

Please add your name to the housing request list.

13. My roommate has chosen not to return for the fall. What now?

As we continue to hear from students who have chosen not to return to campus for fall semester, it is likely that you would be assigned a new roommate. This information will be confirmed once you receive more information on assignments and move-in process August 3rd.

14. I will need to quarantine when I arrive on campus and have a single room. Will I quarantine in my own room or in a separate quarantine space?

To professionally sanitize and prepare all rooms in time for move-in, students who choose to quarantine on campus will do so in a separate quarantine space, not in their fall room assignment. They will receive complete details on the quarantine requirement along with a form to let us know of any specific needs.

More about on-campus quarantine »

15. I was assigned to a building (Jeanne Mance, Slade, or Cottage) being converted to isolation space. What will happen to my room assignment?

You will be relocated and we will preserve your roommate pair if you had one. As a result of your relocation to a new building, you will be billed at the triple room rate.

16. How do I gain access to my belongings that have been stored since Spring 2020?

All belongings that have been professionally stored, will be available for pickup at a centralized location starting August 25th, 2020. Once we have the specifics of the the process we will update stuents impacted.

17. I chose the “At Home” option for Fall 2020, but have had my personal items stored or moved to my room for Fall 2020. How do I retrieve these items?

Students have been emailed with options to collect these items in person on designated days, otherwise they can choose to have these items shipped to their home.