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Academic break housing offers a reasonably priced housing option for our residents during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks. It is not yet available in all areas. Starting 2018-2019, it will be available in every hall.

2017-2018 Break Housing Areas

(All other halls are closed)

  • Athletic Campus: Harris/Millis, Living/Learning, Marsh/Austin/Tupper
  • Central Campus: Central Campus Residence Hall
  • Redstone Campus: Coolidge, Wing, Wright
  • Trinity/North Campus: McAuley, Mercy, and The Cottages
  • 439 College Street

During academic breaks:

  • We expect you take necessary safety precautions for building security and your own personal safety.
  • There is limited custodial service and no mail or main desk service.
  • Regularly scheduled facilities tests, projects, repairs, construction, and cleaning may cause noise, disruption, or inconvenience in your area.
  • One residential dining facility remains open, and some retail dining locations have limited operating hours.
  • UVM Police is available 24/7 and some ResLife staff is also on duty.
  • Residential Life requests the support of and authorizes Police Services to conduct common area and perimeter walks during breaks, including the UVM administrative holidays, Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks. Furthermore, Residential Life and Police Services may review numbers and locations of students each break, along with identified students of concern and Residential Life staffing schedules, to determine the need for more targeted walks and check-ins by Police Services beyond the common area and perimeter walks identified to facilitate safety and security. Police Services may be present in the halls, including on individual floors, for this purpose.
  • See Occupancy Dates for details.

Signing up for Break Housing: 2017-2018

  • All students who would like to stay for a break must request it online to have building access and for safety reasons.
  • Sign up on the academic break housing request form in myResLife/myHousing. The online form usually opens two weeks before the upcoming break.
  • Please note: Students found responsible for conduct violations during a previous break stay may not be eligible to stay for future breaks.
  • Your student account will be billed a flat weekly rate. Nightly rates are not available. See Costs & Fees.

Not in a break area? Follow these steps:

1: Find residents(s) of a break area willing to let you stay in their room.

2: Fill out the borrow-a-room request in myHousing. Indicate the room you hope to borrow.

3: Residents of that room must fill out the break housing permission form in myHousing to OK you to stay in their room. (We will email them a reminder.)

4: When things are all set, borrow a room key directly from one of the residents.

5: Borrow a temp swipe card from the office manager of the break hall where you will staying (your CATcard will not work on this hall).



Sign up here for one-night late stay or for break stay. Online forms open two weeks before the start of each academic break.