CBET certification is recognized as a demonstration of competence for BMETs working in the HTM field. Certification through the AAMI Certification Institute (ACI) is approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  ACI now has the 100% Team Certified Award which is an added incentive for organizations. The Technical Services Partnership (TSP) at the University of Vermont (UVM) will be offering the CBET Examination Review Course nationally for the tenth time in the past five years. The proven review course developed by faculty and staff at UVM had been used internally resulting in 19 or 20 BMET staff passing the CBET exam over the past three years. The program and its success was published in the AAMI Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology article in the September/October 2016 column Bright Ideas: To Be the Best, Department Starts ‘Cert Now!’.

The course is set to begin February 27, 2020 with 1 hour webinar review sessions from 12:00pm to 1:00pm (Eastern) each week for nine weeks. The topics mirror those in the ACI CBET Certification Candidate Handbook.  Material is provided weekly in advance for review.  We will also be conducting a daylong session on April 30th prior to exam week.

Go to the University of Vermont registration page to register. Discounts are available for NESCE members and groups Registration is limited to 40 participants.

The Technical Services Partnership at UVM is a nationally recognized healthcare technology management shared service formed in 1973 providing support for hospitals in Vermont, New York and New Hampshire. Certified staff have grown from 15% to 60% recently with certifications including CBET, CRES, CHTM and CCE. We are a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Health Technology Management and have been selected for  ten Bright Ideas and Best Practice case studies in the AAMI publication Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology.