Preferred Name and Pronoun: Changing Your Email Address

UVM email addresses are comprised of three separate components: NetID, accompanying name, and an email alias.

email components

PLEASE NOTE: If you simply wish to change your email address from your alias to your NetID (from to please click here for instructions. A preferred name is not needed to do this.

To enter a preferred name please log in to myUVM, navigate to the Registrar page, and click on preferred name in the Personal Info section of the My Records channel:

screen shot of personal info section

Enter the desired changes, scroll to the bottom, and click on the Update button.

screen shot of preferred name entry form

PLEASE NOTE: Choosing a preferred name does NOT automatically change your netID or your email address. You must request these changes as described below.

If you check the Please generate a new email address... checkbox, you will get a new email alias and accompanying name based on your preferred name (e.g., instead of

screen shot of checkbox to generate new email address

If you wish to also change your NetID (e.g., from rjcat to kcat), or if you are not satisfied with the alias created for you, please contact the Office of Identity and Account Management at or 802-656-2006. They can help you customize your entries if necessary. While changing to a preferred name happens instantaneously, generating a new email alias requires an overnight process to run; send yourself an email the next day to verify your new email address.

If you choose to change your UVM email to your preferred name but wish to communicate via email using your legal name, we recommend that you create a non-UVM email account for that purpose (e.g., gmail, yahoo, etc.).