Room Scheduling

:: How it Works

Each semester, as part of the course-building process, the Registrar’s Office schedules credit-bearing courses into General Purpose (GP) classrooms.  Typically, instructors are emailed their Fall room assignments at the end of March and their Spring room assignments at the end of October.  The Registrar’s Office works closely with Continuing and Distance Education to schedule summer courses into GP classrooms.

:: General Purposes Classrooms

The Registrar's Office schedules only General Purpose (GP) classrooms. For a list of GP classrooms maintained by Media Resources click here.

Until all credit-bearing courses have been scheduled in a given semester and during the final exam period, only the Registrar's Office can schedule events in GP classrooms. Once all credit-bearing courses have been scheduled in a given semester, the GP classrooms are released to the Conference and Event Services (CAES) Office for event scheduling.  You may request a GP room for a one-time event (e.g., mid-term exam or review) during an academic semester via CAES.

During the final examination period (including reading days), the Registrar’s Office reviews and schedules all requests for GP spaces in order to ensure that the event is not disruptive to students taking a final exam.  If you need to reserve a GP room during the final examination period, please send your request to All non-GP spaces must be scheduled through the appropriate office/department. 

:: Requesting a Change

All General Purpose (GP) classroom change requests must be directed to the appropriate Dean’s Office via the Room Change Request form.

The request to change a GP classroom must be made in regards to one of the following concerns: