This document is no longer in use. To access the Transfer Credit Guide please click on the following:

     Transfer Credit Guide

Information in the Transfer Guide is constantly being updated and does not substitute for an official evaluation of transfer credit by the Office of Transfer Affairs. In order to GUARANTEE that non-UVM courses transfer into UVM, students must contact the Transfer Affairs office and complete a Domestic Transfer Credit Approval Form BEFORE the courses are taken. When the courses have been completed, students must have an official transcript from the host institution sent directly to Transfer Affairs. In all cases, the student's Dean's Office determines the applicability of transfer courses to the student's program of study. Degree Completion while at UVM: There are limits on the number of credits transferred that may be applied to the degree program and major selected. In general, 30 of the last 45 credits earned for the UVM degree must be taken at the University of Vermont. Consult the online catalogue for specific college/school policies.
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