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Submissions for this form are closed.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to submit your request for the At-Home Option for Fall 2020 has passed.

Use this form to indicate your election of the fall 2020 at-home option.
This option is only available to undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

At-Home Semester Exception Process

If circumstances beyond your control prevented your submission of the at-home form by the July 17 deadline, you can request an exception until July 22, 2020 at 4:00pm EDT.
The registration schedule will not be revised, so exception requests should be submitted as soon as possible between July 18 and July 22.
You will be notified of the outcome of your exception request within 24 hours. If your exception is granted, you must submit your at-home form by noon EDT on July 23, 2020. To request an exception, please e-mail Registrar@uvm.edu and provide a brief summary of your circumstances.

Before completing the form, please review the following to ensure that you fully understand the features and requirements of the at-home option.

Students who choose the at-home option will:

  • be able to choose from an array of some mixed, asynchronous online courses, and synchronous remote courses during a priority registration period beginning July 20, but will not be able to register for fall in-person courses or attend any class meetings in person,
  • need to revise their fall class schedules as necessary, dropping any in-person courses,
  • be expected to live at home in order to de-densify the local community, and not return to campus until spring 2021,
  • be able to participate in their Residential Learning Community course through remote means if they are First-year students,
  • be able to access remote services such as tutoring, writing support, digital library resources and reference librarian support, and advising,
  • be able to register for one 3-credit summer 2021 course tuition-free,*
  • not have a fall 2020 housing assignment or meal plan; contracts for fall 2020 housing and meal plans will be cancelled by the Division of Student Affairs without penalty, and  financial aid will be adjusted to reflect reduced housing and meal costs for students who were scheduled or required to live on campus, and,
  • not have CATcard access to on-campus facilities.

Important information regarding tuition, fees and financial aid
There will be no change in academic year 2020-21 tuition or comprehensive fees for students who choose the at-home option. Financial aid awards for students who were scheduled or required to live on campus will be revised to reflect reduced housing and meal costs. Living at home will not impact any UVM merit-scholarships for which you are currently eligible. Student Financial Services will make every effort to minimize the impact of this option on grant awards, reducing grants only if required under federal regulations. Each student's award will be reviewed and revised individually. In the great majority of cases, the choice to live at home rather than on campus will reduce what students and families would otherwise need to borrow or pay directly.

*Students choosing the at-home option will be able to register for one 3-credit summer 2021 course tuition free. Eligibility for this scholarship is contingent upon the following:

  • must be an undergraduate student enrolled exclusively online/remote for the fall term,
  • must remain enrolled full-time for the fall 2020 term,
  • must have paid the fall semester in full,
  • credits cannot be transferred to another person or used for any term other than summer 2021, and,
  • students whose summer 2021 tuition is already covered by other university sources such as an athletic grant, tuition remission, etc. are not eligible for this tuition-free 3-credit course.

Important information regarding available courses
Before electing the at-home option for fall 2020, students should consider possible impacts on progress toward their degree. While most students will be able to recreate a schedule that includes electives and other courses that fulfill either general education, major, or minor requirements, students whose programs require extensive lab, experiential, clinical, or practical coursework may not be able to replicate their original schedule if they choose the at-home instructional option. Students are responsible for understanding the impact of their new schedule on progress toward their degree.

The new schedule of courses with information on available online and remote instruction courses will be published July 13. Students choosing the at-home option will have priority registration to modify their fall classes beginning July 20; students are responsible for ensuring that their fall schedule does not require any in-person attendance.

If you submit the form electing the at-home option and later change your mind, we will do our best to accommodate your in-person return to campus in the fall, but we cannot guarantee the availability of on-campus housing or individual on-campus/in-person courses should you revoke your at-home election. It will also take time to revise any financial aid award you may receive based on a change from the at-home option to the on-campus option.