Students in the CCV STEM Studies A.S. program can pursue a UVM Nutrition and Food Sciences B.S. program.

The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences (NFS) prepares students to enter the rapidly expanding field of dietetics, food science, food safety, nutrition, health, and fitness. Nutrition and Food Science, unique fields of study, are rooted in the physiological, chemical, and biochemical sciences but are comprehensive in scope since they integrate knowledge learned in the social and psychological sciences. Through formal course work, field experience, and independent research, students prepare themselves in the biochemical, psychological, and socioeconomic aspects of diet, nutrition, and foods. Thus, NFS majors are able to meet the current and future needs in nutrition and food science and assume innovative leadership roles in society and industry. The credits earned in NFS provide background in preventive and therapeutic nutrition as well as nutrient requirements for human growth, development, health, and fitness throughout the life cycle. Other courses focus on the physical, chemical, and nutritional properties of food, food safety, and consumer aspects of food related to socioeconomic status, life style, cultural beliefs, and health. Although a series of courses providing knowledge in these areas is required of all majors, each student has a generous amount of free elective credits to pursue personal interests.

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