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October 7, 2009

Research on 'Mean Girls' Probes Middle School Manipulation

When Dianna Murray-Close, assistant professor in psychology, shows the movie Mean Girls in her developmental psychology course her students tend to identify with the main character who learns the hard way that manipulation, rumor spreading and backstabbing are common tools for moving up the teenage social ladder. <more...>

September 29, 2009

Anxiety, Smoking, and Smoking Cessation: An Interview with Michael Zvolensky, Ph.D.

An expert on anxiety disorders, Michael Zvolensky has focused much of his time untangling the interrelated relationship between anxiety and addiction. Zvolensky will give a talk on "Anxiety, Smoking, and Smoking Cessation." <more...>

April 27, 2009

Stresses anew for refugees resettled in Vermont

The complexion of this overwhelmingly white city is undergoing a dramatic change from a continuing surge of refugees, many of whom are now encountering severe stress that officials and volunteers are scrambling to assess and address. <more...>

April 8, 2009

Victoria Marini Wins 2008-09 Graduate Teaching Fellow of the Year Award

Victoria Marini, current graduate student in the Clinical Training Program of the University of Vermont Psychology Department, has been awarded the Graduate Teaching Fellow of the Year award2 for 2008-09. <more...>

April 6, 2009

Best Wishes to Justin Joffe

Says Department Chair William Falls, "Justin, for the last 40 years you have been an extraordinary leader, faculty advocate, scholar, teacher, and mentor in the Department of Psychology..." <more...>

February 25, 2009

New Grant Looks At Coping With Stigma of Rural HIV

With a $3.2 million grant, Sondra Solomon and Carol Miller have secured rare recognition of the problem of HIV/AIDS among rural populations. <more...>

January 12, 2009

Looking at Learning

The journal Nature recently published an article referencing phenomena that psychology professor Mark Bouton discovered-principles of extinction of fear or unwanted behaviors-without crediting his past work or publications. Far from a slight, it said a lot about him... <more...>

December 21, 2008

UVM Study Sheds Light on Seasonal Depression

Kelly Rohan, a clinical psychologist and associate professor at the University of Vermont, is spearheading a $2 million study of drug-free treatments for seasonal affective disorder. <more...>

November 5, 2008

Gifts Establish Green & Gold Professorships

The Segal & Davis Family Foundation has made a $250,000 commitment to establish the Robert B. Lawson Green & Gold Professor of Psychology in honor of Robert B. Lawson, professor of psychology, who has announced that he will retire in May of 2010 after having served 44 years on the faculty in the Department of Psychology.<more...>

August 15, 2008

Professor Rex Forehand Given APA Award for Distinguished Career Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology

Rex Forehand was honored by the American Psychology Association "for outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the field of clinical child and adolescent psychology through research, education, and mentorship." <more...>

November 19, 2008

Clinical Psychology Program Reaches Out to Troubled Refugees

"We heard people start to shoot - BANG! BANG! BANG! - around us they were shooting," a Rwandan refugee told Ned Castle for In Their Own Words, his collection of images and personal histories of Vermont refugees. <more...>

August 15, 2008

Professor Rex Forehand Wins Prestigious Psychology Award

Rex Forehand was honored by the American Psychology Association's with its 2008 Award for Distinguished Career Contributions to Education and Training. <more...>

August 11, 2008

Scholarship Fund in Memory of Sara London-Hinman

A scholarship fund in memory of Sara London-Hinman, daughter of Professor Miv London, will benefit the Vermont Youth Orchestra. <more...>

May 19, 2008

Best Wishes to Laura Solomon

It is to be noted that in 1982, Laura was hired for a 2-year position. So now after 26 years, she is going to leave us. During these 26 years, Laura has served the Department, the University and the Community extensively. <more...>

April 9, 2008

Beyond the Clinical Interview

Stephanie McConaughy, research professor of psychiatry and psychology, has spent nearly three decades producing research to help evaluators accurately diagnose children. <more...>

April 2, 2008

Lynne Bond Wins George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award

Lynne Bond, a psychology professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Psychology Department at the University of Vermont, was recently recognized for her profound impact on students both in and out of the classroom. <more...>

February 28, 2008

Keith Burt Featured on WCAX HealthWatch

Not doing well in social relationships and not having close friends predicts an increase in anxiety and depression systems, says Keith Burt, of the University of Vermont. <more...>

February 28, 2008

Reuters - Suicide Attempts Hold Extra Risks for Anorexics

Anorexics are at a higher risk of death by suicide than the average person because they are more likely to choose deadlier methods like hanging and jumping in front of trains, a study by lead author Jill Holm-Denoma suggests. <more...>

February 28, 2008

Time Magazine - Suicidal Anorexics: Determined to Die?

Deciding not to eat sounds to most people the very definition of suicide. It is perhaps no surprise then that a new study by lead author Jill Holm-Denoma concludes that when anorexics choose to take their own lives, they tend to employ some of the most lethal methods available. <more...>

January 16, 2008

INTERview: Jill Holm-Denoma

Eating disorder expert and new assistant professor of psychology is bringing provocative research, and highly needed skills, to UVM and local community. <more...>

January 1, 2008

Getting Paid to Quit

Third-year Psychology graduate student Kelly Dunn recently tested a contingency-management voucher program on a group of methadone users and found that paying them to stay smoke-free significantly increased users' abstinence from nicotine.<more...>

December 26, 2007

Bouton Elected to Psychology Honor Society

Mark Bouton, Ph.D. has been elected a Fellow of the Society of Experimental Psychologists, the oldest and most prestigious honorary society in Psychology, joining a highly select group of distinguished empirical scientists. <more...>

December 1, 2007

Corporate Funding and Conflicts of Interest: A Primer for Psychologists

A number of sciences and professions have recently become aware of and concerned about the extent to which corporate funding has influenced or will influence their activities and directions, writes Wendy Pachter (UVM '84). <more...>

November 13, 2007

Top Scholarly Producers Recognized

Rex Forehand, Betsy Hoza, and Michael Zvolensky were recognized as some of the top-producing faculty members by the Journal of Clinical Psychology <more...>

October 14, 2007

Flag Football 2007 Champions!

After two back-to-back victories (20-0 & 6-0) comprising a 4-and-a-half hour double header on Sunday, October 14th, the 2007 UVM Intramural Flag Football Team Champion is the Psychology Department's Team Victory! <more...>

October 12, 2007

Catching up with Lucy Petrie, pastel artist

Lucy Petrie (UVM Ph.D, '86) wanted to learn to draw. Although she had asked her husband, watercolor artist Mick Petrie, to show her how, watching him as he sketched wasn't especially helpful. <more...>

September 19, 2007

Major Gift Establishes Endowed Chair in Psychiatry

Dr. James Hudziak, professor of psychiatry, medicine and pediatrics, will be the first to hold the Thomas M. Achenbach Chair in Developmental Psychopathology. <more...>

September 17, 2007

UVM Receives $2 million Endowment for Achenbach Chair

A gift from the Burlington-based Center for Children, Youth and Families has established the Thomas Achenbach Endowed Chair in the Department of Psychiatry. <more...>

September 15, 2007

Annual Department Fall Picnic at Oakledge Park this Year

This year's annual Fall "Get Aquainted" get-together was held for the first time at Burlington's Oakledge Park. <more...>

June 2, 2007

Sara Burchard Retires after 30 Years at UVM

Sara Burchard has retired from the faculty of the Psychology Department after 30 years of service. <more...>

April 6, 2007

Vujanovic Awarded VCPPP Graduate Student Research Fund

The Board of Directors of the Vermont Conferences on the Primary Prevention of Psychopathology (VCPPP) announce that Clinical graduate student Anka Vujanovic is the first recipient of the newly created VCPPP Graduate Student Research Fund. <more...>

March 1, 2007

ADHD's Toll

Current research by Betsy Hoza and others outline the tremendous social and academic challenges facing children with ADHD and the devastating financial toll on their families and society. <more...>

January 30, 2007

Charlotte Farmers Find a Home

Dave Quickel and his wife, clinical psychologist and part-time farmer Emma Burrous (UVM Ph.D. 2004), have purchased this 32.5-acre parcel after voter-approved changes of Charlotte's land-use regulations. <more...>

December 29, 2006

Tobacco funds used inappropriately

John Hughes says the Burlington Free Press article ignored the Next Generation Commission's proposal to use $2 million a year from Vermont's tobacco settlement funds to pay for health care workers' education loan repayment. <more...>

December 29, 2006

Intense Light Still Best Treatment for Winter Blues

The comparison of two kinds of devices, one using low-density ions and the other delivered high-density ions is important, says psychologist Kelly Rohan of the University of Vermont. <more...>

December 13, 2006

2006 Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Professor John Green organized a wonderful luncheon celebration in honor of the department staff. <more...>

December 5, 2006

Getting a Grip on the Winter Blues

It is that time of year again, when despite the ratcheting up of festivities for the holidays, fully one person in five in the United States ratchets down. The cause is a now well-known but still infrequently treated disorder, winter blues or SAD, for seasonal affective disorder. Kelly Rohan of the University of Vermont found that cognitive behavioral therapy helps. <more...>

November 14, 2006

Getting the Words Out

Barry Guitar has a vision: He wants to eliminate stuttering in Vermont. If children who stutter are treated before they reach school age it's possible to resolve the issue, said Guitar, a UVM professor with a joint appointment in Psychology. <more...>

September 18, 2006

Research and Ethics Following a Natural Disaster: From the Public's Point of View

Alison McLeish, Ph.D (UVM '06) examines one area where research has been invaluable in guiding treatment following devastating events, in this case Hurricane Katrina. <more...>

August 18, 2006

Locate New State Hospital in Central Vermont

Laurence Thomson (UVM Ph.D '72), Director of Psychology Service at the Vermont State Hospital, argues against a plan to privatize what has been, and should remain, a responsibility of the state. <more...>

July 31, 2006

He Takes Pavlov's Dogs to a New Level

Research by Mark Bouton "has changed the way we treat people" with addictions, said Boston University psychologist David Barlow. <more...>

July 12, 2006

Psychology pioneer George Albee stood up to convention

George Wilson Albee, a pioneer in clinical psychology who drove a cab and entered his dog's biography into a Who's Who publication, died July 8 at his Longboat Key home after a brief illness. He was 84. <more...>

July 12, 2006

George Albee Obituary, New York Times

George W. Albee, a former president of the American Psychological Association, has died. He was 84. <more...>

July 11, 2006

George Albee, Leader in Primary Prevention, Dies at 84

George W. Albee, a retired University of Vermont psychology professor and a nationally known advocate for changes in the American approach to mental illness, has died at his home at Longboat Key, Fla., after a brief illness. He was 84. <more...>

July 10, 2006

Professor Emeritus George Albee Passes Away

George Albee, known internationally as the father of the preventionist movement and a professor of psychology at the University of Vermont from 1971 to 1995, died on Saturday, July 8 at his home in Longboat Key, Fla. <more...>

July 1, 2006

Interstate study looks at same-sex relationships

A first of its kind study in the United States, by Sondra Solomon, Esther Rothblum, and Kimberly Balsam, compared same-sex couples who in 2004 got married in Massachusetts, had civil unions in Vermont or formed domestic partnerships in California. <more...>

June 27, 2006

Heinz Ansbacher, 101, Adlerian Psychology Expert, Dies

Dr. Heinz Ansbacher, whose encounters with the psychologist Alfred Adler in 1930, first in a lecture hall and then in a therapy session, led to a lifetime of scholarship devoted to his work, died Thursday at his home in Burlington, Vt. He was 101. <more...>

June 26, 2006

Professor Emeritus Heinz Ansbacher, 101, Dies

Heinz Ansbacher, one of the world's leading experts on Adlerian psychology and a professor at the University of Vermont from 1946 to 1970, died on Thursday, June 22. Professor Ansbacher was living at his longtime home on East Avenue, adjacent to the UVM campus, and was 101 when he passed away. <more...>

June 26, 2006

Heinz Ansbacher Obituary, Burlington Free Press

Heinz L. Ansbacher, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Vermont, died Thursday, June 22, at his home on East Avenue, Burlington, at the age of 101. <more...>

May 30, 2006

Susan Besio Appointed Dir. of Health Care Reform Implementation

Secretary of Administration Michael K. Smith Announces Appointment of Susan W. Besio, Ph.D. (UVM'86) as Director of Health Care Reform Implementation. <more...>

May 17, 2006

Musty To Lead 16th Annual Processional and Pontification

On Friday, May 19, 2006, following the Graduate College Hooding Ceremony, the Psychology faculty, graduate students, staff and friends will process from John Dewey Hall to Ri Ra Irish Pub and then perhaps on to the Vermont Pub and Brewery. <more...>

May 8, 2006

Karen Fondacaro New Director of Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center

Karen Fondacaro, Ph.D has been offered and has accepted the position as Director of the Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center at the University of Vermont, starting July 1, 2006. <more...>

March 28, 2006

Susan Crockenberg Selected University Scholar for 2006-07

Susan Crockenberg, Ph.D, an internationally recognized authority for her cutting edge, state-of-the science research on infant temperament and parenting, has been selected a University Scholar. <more...>

March 28, 2006

Marc Kessler and Rik Musty to Retire

Marc Kessler and Rik Musty are retiring from the faculty of the Psychology Department at the completion of this spring's semester. A celebration for each of them will be held on May 5. <more...>

February 15, 2006

Psychology Staffers are Singing for Love

Gloria Stratton's valentine died more than 15 years ago, so the 87-year-old woman was shocked when a quartet called 4 The Moment showed up at her door singing a harmonic rendition of "I Love You Truly." <more...>

January 25, 2006

Bill Evans to Bells (and Beyond)

As both an amateur musician and a passionate fan, Professor Mark Bouton is a jazz enthusiast with an intellectual bent - both music theory and an encyclopedic knowledge of history (he can reputedly name all of the members of Miles Davis' bands) inform his post-bebop taste. <more...>

January 17, 2006

Winter Mood

University of Vermont clinical psychologist Kelly Rohan says light therapy is certainly a good way to treat SAD, but she points out that it is not convenient for everyone and that long-term compliance with the therapy is low. <more...>

December 14, 2005

Psyching out seasonal depression

Sally Pollak, Free Press Staff Writer, conducted an Online interview with Kelly Rohan about seasonal affective disorder (SAD). <more...>

December 9, 2005

Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness

The 48-year-old man Sondra Solomon treated turned down a job because he feared that a co-worker would be gay. He was upset that gay culture was becoming mainstream and blamed most of his personal, professional and emotional problems on the gay and lesbian movement. <more...>

November 30, 2005

Peer Pressures

UVM psychologist Betsy Hoza's work aims to improve the lives of children with ADHD socially - and comprehensively. <more...>

November 18, 2005

Rex Forehand to be awarded "Trailblazer Award"

Rex Forehand, Ph.D is to be awarded the "Trailblazer Award" by the Parenting and Families Special Interest Group of the Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT). <more...>

November 16, 2005

Prying at Prejudice

Social psychologist and University Scholar Carol Miller is an expert in the complexities of how people experience - and sometimes overcome - social stigmas. <more...>

October 25, 2005

SAD Conversation

Kelly Rohan, assistant professor of psychology, has found that cognitive-behavioral therapy has some advantages over light boxes for treating SAD. <more...>

October 14, 2005

John Dewey Remembered

With teachings at the universities of Minnesota, Michigan, Chicago and Columbia, and with consultant work in China and Turkey, it can be argued that philosopher John Dewey is world-renowned for his accomplishments in the education field. <more...>

October 1, 2005

McNeils Create Prevention and Community Psychology Fund

Jennifer Cox McNeil (UVM '80) and Robert McNeil have donated a very generous gift to the Department of Psychology to establish The McNeil Prevention and Community Psychology Fund. <more...>

September 24, 2005

AIDS Walk 2005

On Saturday September 24, 2005, Vermont Cares hosted its annual AIDS Walk in Burlington's City Hall Park, and the "Dewey Occupants" participated. <more...>

September 9, 2005

Rik Musty Receives Special Award from Cannabis Association

Richard (Rik) Musty, Professor of Psychology, received a "special award" from the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine at the Association's annual meeting in Leiden, Netherlands held September 9-10. <more...>

September 1, 2005

Briefing promotes incorporating eating disorders into obesity legislation

Jeanine Cogan (UVM '93) pushed for support of legislation that would help people with eating disorders receive better treatments. <more...>

July 12, 2005

Esther Rothblum is Laura Brown Award Winner

Former UVM Professor Esther Rothblum has been awarded the first Laura Brown Distinguished Contribtion Award from Division 35 (Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Issues) of the American Psychological Association. <more...>

May 13, 2005

Bon Voyage, Esther Rothblum!

The Psychology Department said bon voyage to Esther Rothblum by hosting a Going-Away party in her honor at the Billing Students Center. <more...>

April 26, 2005

UVM Woman of the Year 2005

Lynne Bond has been named UVM Woman of the year for 2005. <more...>

April 25, 2005

University Scholar for 2005-06

Carol Miller has been named University Scholar for the 2005-06 academic year. <more...>

April 1, 2005

'A Crucial Time' for LGB Research

When Vermont became the first state to allow civil unions, the research possibilities for University of Vermont psychologists Kimberly Balsam (pictured), Esther Rothblum, and Sondra Solomon blossomed. <more...>

February 1, 2005

'The Most Mentored Professor Around'

With the $20,000 Alexander Gralnick Award, Courtenay Harding (UVM '84) is drawing on the mentoring she got as an undergraduate researcher to help a new generation of psychologists. <more...>

February 1, 2005

Study of Civil Union Couples Slated

University of Vermont psychologists Esther Rothblum and Sondra Solomon who conducted a landmark study of gay and lesbian couples joined in civil unions will launch a follow-up study to document changes among study participants since they exchanged vows. <more...>

January 27, 2005

Research Offers New Hope for New Year's Resolutions

Are New Year's resolutions hopeless efforts, undermined by our own brain chemistry, or can pure determination lead to success? Professor Mark Bouton believes the latter. <more...>

January 1, 2005

A Niche that Puts Children First

Psychologists such as Bruce Copeland (UVM '74) are becoming parenting coordinators to help divorcing parents focus on their children's needs. <more...>

December 10, 2004

2004 Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Professors Tim Stickle and John Green organized a wonderful luncheon celebration in honor of the department staff. <more...>

November 20, 2004

Sculptures Reflect on Artist

As a social psychologist interested in the psychology of art, Herb Leff has turned his researcher's gaze on a subject close at hand: himself. <more...>

November 11, 2004

New Treatment Holds Promise for Smokers with Panic Disorder

Interventions such as nicotine replacement therapy and counseling don't treat their panic-related symptoms or even panic disorder when they try to quit, says Professor Michael Zvolensky. <more...>

November 3, 2004

Fascinated By Fear: Unlocking the Brain Mechanisms of Post-Traumatic Stress

Professor Bill Falls studies mice to better understand the neural systems involved in the acquisition, expression and inhibition of conditioned fear. <more...>

October 21, 2004

Ansbacher Family Establishes Lasting Legacy to Honor Their Parents

Max (UVM '57), Ben, Ted (UVM '68), and Charles Ansbacher have given the University of Vermont an endowed gift of $350,000 to establish the Heinz and Rowena Ansbacher Green and Gold Professorship In Psychology. <more...>

September 15, 2004

An Interview with Susan Crockenberg

Baby steps: Psychology Professor Susan Crockenberg studies how babies react to novelty - and how parents can help babies with certain temperamental traits cope. <more...>

August 29, 2004

From the Classroom to Cuba: UVM Students Spend Two Weeks on Communist Island

A group of 16 from UVM - Professor Lynne Bond and her students - attend special classes at the University of Havana, tour Cuban institutions, and sample life in Havana. <more...>

August 24, 2004

UVM Psychologists to Follow up Study of First Civil Union Couples

Professors Sondra Solomon and Esther Rothblum are launching a follow-up study to discover what has changed among study participants since they exchanged vows. <more...>

August 9, 2004

UVM Receives $1.6 Million Grant to Study Parental Depression

Professor Rex Forehand receives grant to evaluate an intervention program aimed at preventing emotional and behavioral problems in children whose parents suffer from depression. <more...>

August 4, 2004

Rhodes Endows Community Psychology

Jean Rhodes, Professor of Psychology at the Universiy of Massachusetts, Boston, has endowed an annual $500 award honoring retired University of Vemont Psychology Professor George W. Albee. <more...>

July 1, 2004

A Good Parent? Raising Kids is Humbling, Just Ask an Expert

Psychology professor Rex Forehand, a leading authority on raising what exasperated parents might call "difficult" children, has a lanky frame, measured speaking cadence and fondness for knits, qualities that recall television personality Fred Rogers. <more...>

May 3, 2004

Center Announces 'Women of the Year' Awards

The Women's Studies department celebrated its 20th anniversary at the university, by awarding its first-ever Women of the Year Awards, among them Phyllis Bronstein and Sondra Solomon. <more...>  <image>

April 14, 2004

How to Change the World

Nobel Peace Laureate and UVM Psychology alumna Jody Williams '72 shared the passion and pain of a career in activism in a campus lecture on April 13. <more...>

January 22, 2004

John Burchard Dies at Home

It is with great sadness that the Psychology Dept. notes the sudden passing of one of its most senior faculty, John Burchard. John died in his home surrounded by his family on Saturday, January 18 after a short bout with congestive heart failure. <more...>

January 22, 2004

Community Leader Dies of Heart Failure

Not long after finishing his doctorate, John Burchard didn't have enough money to buy backpacks for his family to use while hiking. So, in the mid-1960s, he built the frames himself out of ash wood and webbing from a clothes-line. <more...>

November 19, 2003

Nicotine May Help Calm ADHD Storm, Study Finds

Research shows that adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder smoke at twice the rate of normal adolescents and as adults, they have a harder time quitting than their counterparts without ADHD. Neuroscientists like Alexandra Potter, a post-doctoral associate in psychiatry, want to know why smoking is so attractive to the ADHD population. <more...>

November 2, 2003

Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy's 2003 Award Given to Harold Leitenberg

Harold Leitenberg, Ph.D will be given The Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy's 2003 award for Outstanding Contribution by an Individual for Educational/Training Activities at their 9th Annual Awards and Recognition Presentation. <more...>

July 1, 2003

The Power of Positive Professing

Professor Robert Lawson has been awarded the 2003 Kidder Faculty Award. <more...>

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