The University of Vermont (UVM), under the direction of the UVM Association of Retired Faculty and Administrative Officers (RFAO), announces the UVM Retired Scholars Award Program for the academic year 2022-2023 to provide support for faculty to complete a research or scholarship project after full retirement from the University.

With support from the UVM Office of the President, and the Office of the Provost, the Program has available $8,000 per academic year to provide awards up to a maximum of $2,000 to cover expenses for:

  • Travel, lodging, and per diem for participation at a national or international conference at which the applicant is giving a refereed presentation;
  • Completion and publication of a scholarly¬† manuscript under contract with a publisher;
  • Preparation of an artistic work for presentation in a juried exhibition;
  • Preparation of a performing art product such as music, dance , or theatrical composition;
  • Completion and publication of a literary composition under contract with a publisher or distributor;
  • Acquisition of research materials such as data sets for secondary analysis or support for field project¬† research;
  • Other well defined and necessary expenses associated with a research or scholarship project.

Application and Review Procedure

  • A letter of application describing the project, projected expenses (salary will not be supported), anticipated completion date of the project, specific outcomes of the project, and a brief (one page) updated Curriculum Vitae must be submitted no later than October 21, 2022, with funding results reported no later than November 18, 2022. The letter of application and supporting material(s) should be submitted electronically to Michael Gurdon, President of the UVM Association of Retired Faculty and Administrative Officers (RFAO), at
  • The RFAO Executive Board will appoint a three member subcommittee of its members to review applications and the Provost will appoint a non-retired UVM faculty member to the review committee. (If necessary a UVM faculty member with knowledge on the topic of the proposed project may be invited to provide a review of an application and submit a brief written report to the subcommittee.) The subcommittee will then make the final decisions for funding which will be forwarded to the RFAO Board for formal notification to the applicant.
  • Other aspects of the proposals being equal, preference in subsequent years will be given to applicants who have not received previous funding. Resubmission of an unfunded application for consideration in the next academic year is an option.
  • The Executive Board will work with applicants to align as much as possible the timing of an award to meet the schedule of expenses for a project.
  • Members of the RFAO Executive Board cannot submit an application to the UVM Retired Scholars Award Program until their term of office has been completed.
  • A report detailing the state of the project, accomplishments, and expenditures must be submitted electronically to the President of the UVM RFAO, Michael Gurdon (, by no later than September 1, 2023.

Direct any questions about this funding program to RFAO President Michael Gurdon at:

Examples of Departmental Affiliations of recent Awardees are: Anthropology; Art/Art History; English; Extension/Forestry; Family Medicine; French; History; Molecular Physiology and Biophysics; Music; Philosophy; Plant and Soil Science; Political Science; Religion; Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources