New Hires: Recruitment, Target of Opportunity Hires

Non-Tenure-Track (NTT) faculty include the following faculty types: clinical, emeritus, extension, lecturer, library, research, and visiting. NTT faculty are generally hired through a recruitment, but there are situations when a search is not required and a NTT Faculty member is hired by way of a Target of Opportunity Hire. The following links will provide you with information on NTT recruitments and Target of Opportunity Hires.

Continuing Employment: Target of Opportunity, Appointments

Unless a NTT faculty member has a multi-year appointment, some administrative action must be taken on an annual basis to continue the NTT faculty member's employment from one year to the next. Continuing the employment of a faculty member is commonly referred to as "reappointment", but the term "reappointment" applies only in particular cases as defined by the Full-time and Part-Time Collective Bargaining Agreements and University Manual. The following links will provide you with information about the administrative actions necessary to continue the employment of a NTT faculty member who does not undergo a formal reappointment review:

Reappointment Process

Prior to the expiration of a NTT faculty member's single or multi-year appointment the hiring unit will conduct a reappointment review according to a pre-determined schedule. Reappointment reviews are completed either by the department chair/dean's designee using a "pink sheet" or by the department chair and dean using a "blue sheet". The reappointment process for NTT faculty is described in the Part-time and Full-time Collective Bargaining Agreements for represented faculty and in the Faculty Handbook for non-represented faculty.

Last updated 11/7/2022