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UVM alumnus Dan Burack '55 and his wife, Carole, designated their generous gift to the Campaign for the University of Vermont to endow the President's Distinguished Lecture Series and support undergraduate scholarships. The University named the President's Distinguished Lecture Series in the Buracks’ honor to recognize their philanthropy.

The goal of the Dan and Carole Burack President's Distinguished Lecture Series is to bring to campus distinguished guest speakers who enhance the academic experience, showcase our faculty and programs, and draw groups of faculty and students together on a regular basis. Since 2003 the Burack  President's Distinguished Lecture Series has brought over 200 lecturers to the University of Vermont.

The Faculty Senate Research, Scholarship and Creative Arts Committee is responsible for making Burack Lectureship recommendations to the president. The call for nominations happens twice yearly, in the first weeks of the new semester. Generally, there are five lectureships awarded in each round.

To submit a nomination please review the Arrangement Guidelines (PDF) and submit a completed Nomination Form (PDF) to the Office of the Provost, in care of Jim Vigoreaux, or send email to

Nominations are not being accepted for AY 21-22

Please note that when the form is submitted it must be signed by the faculty nominator, who will serve as the primary host, and by the Department Chair, indicating departmental support for the nomination.  Nominations should both establish the importance of the proposed speaker’s work and highlight their intellectual appeal to the broader campus community.