We have established four centers that respond to the variety of identities shared by our students.

Interfaith Center

The Interfaith Center is open to all UVM students, staff, faculty, and affiliates for reflection, spiritual practice, conversation, education, and community building. The Center is located on Redstone Campus at 400 South Prospect Street. The Center offers a peaceful space to study, pray, meditate, explore resources and talk with others who share a desire to explore faith across cultures.

Mosaic Center for Students of Color

The vision for the Mosaic Center for Students of Color (MCSC) is to create a diverse and rich community of empowered, engaged, and enthusiastic students of color at UVM. The MCSC is designed to connect students with resources to assist them in their journey and with one another. The Center fully supports the holistic development of self-identified students of color so that they can reach their goals for academic achievement, personal growth, identity formation, and cultural development.

Prism Center

The Prism Center serves the diverse queer and trans communities at UVM. The Center supports and empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students, as well as students whose identities fall in between or expand beyond those categories, and works to create a campus community where people of all sexual and gender identities can thrive. The Center offers opportunities for all members of UVM's LGBTQA+ and allied communities to be together, build community and learn from one another.

Women and Gender Equity Center

The Women and Gender Equity Center (WAGE) envisions a diverse and equitable learning environment for all members of the UVM community. The WAGE Center strives to provide programming, education, and events that connect our community through the exploration of the intersections of their gender and other identities.