Op-Ed by President Garimella in Scientific American

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From Scientific American: "The twin crises roiling society right now—the coronavirus pandemic and pervasive racism—are intertwined and reinforce one another. A way to address both is to nurture the talent for science and technology among underrepresented students across America.

Consider these two examples:

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Op-Ed: When Students Succeed, UVM Succeeds

"A three-time Pulitzer-prize winning New York Times reporter. The first African American to be inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Two Nobel Peace Prize winners. One of Fortune magazine’s "50 Most Powerful Women." The producer of the "Hunger Games" movies and a Golden Globes winner.

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Interview: President Garimella on the U.S. share of global science and engineering

Representing the National Science Board, President Garimella was interviewed by "Federal Drive with Tom Temin" about the board's report, "State of U.S. Science and Engineering," and shared some of its key findings.

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