PCIE Meeting Schedule

Past Community Forums

The purpose of these forums was to provide members of the UVM community with information about the development and structure of Inclusive Excellence at the University of Vermont: A Framework for Building a More Inclusive and Multiculturally Competent Campus. Additionally, feedback from these forums was used to help inform the implementation of The Framework. Three questions were asked during the forums and key themes from the discussion are presented in this summary. Given the flow of the discussion, there is some overlap between the themes under the three main questions.

  1. Given what you have read and seen about The Framework, what questions do you have (within the scope of your role and within the scope of your department/unit)?
  2. Based on your knowledge, are there activities/initiatives/ programs that are in direct alignment with the Framework, or not?
  3. What do you think needs to happen to make this document come “alive” for your department/unit?