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James Marsh Professors-at-Large Program

Nomination Process

Criteria for a Marsh Professor

Marsh Professors-at-Large are nominated by individual faculty members, departments, or groups of departments. They are distinguished scholars and artists, widely considered to be accomplished leaders and luminaries in their fields and at the pinnacle of their career. The nominee’s capacity to invigorate the intellectual and cultural life of the University is of paramount importance. The Selection Committee, appointed by the President, seeks evidence of broad intellectual appeal across disciplines and fields of study, particularly for undergraduates. Recognized excellence in teaching and/or mentoring is of high value; Marsh Professors-at-Large are expected to be accessible to and excited about interacting with students. The Selection Committee also considers the appeal the nominee has for the widest possible audience of both students and faculty.

Proposal Requirements

Pre-Proposal Letter
In the pre-proposal stage, the nominating faculty member or group provides a letter to the Selection Committee detailing how the Marsh Professor-at-Large nominee fits the criteria listed above. Letters are to be submitted to Gary Derr, Vice President for Executive Operations, by February 22, 2018.

Proposals are by invitation, based on the nominee’s qualifications as determined and approved by the Selection Committee. Proposals for Marsh Professor-at-Large nominees are submitted by each nominee’s principal faculty sponsor (or group of sponsors). The proposal must fully address and provide evidence of the nominee’s meeting the criteria stated above.

Proposals must include:

  • A letter to the Selection Committee that expands upon the pre-proposal letter, detailing the nominee’s qualifications and highest achievements to date;
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae;
  • Links to relevant media related to the nominee’s work, including an example of a public presentation by the nominee, if available; and
  • Letters of support from faculty members across diverse disciplines who would be widely expected to participate with the principal sponsor in taking full advantage of the nominee’s visits to campus, should she or he be chosen as a Marsh Professor-at-Large.

Full proposals will be submitted to Gary Derr, Vice President for Executive Operations, by April 4, 2018.

Review and Selection

The Selection Committee reviews submitted nominations based on three main criteria:

  1. the quality of the nominee’s intellectual and cultural contributions;
  2. the nominee’s capacity to make some of those contributions accessible to non-specialists; and
  3. the nominee’s perceived ability to invigorate the intellectual and cultural life of the University.

Whenever possible, the Selection Committee seeks to achieve broad representation across the academic disciplines.

After careful review, the Selection Committee forwards its recommendations for appointment to the University President. The President will review the recommendations and make the final decision. The term of appointment for nominees approved in Spring 2018 will begin July 1, 2018. It is expected that Marsh Professors-at-Large will be in residence no fewer than 15 days and no more than 25 days over the course of their five-year term.

Should their nominee be chosen, the faculty sponsor(s)—or a chosen delegate—are expected to be the point of contact throughout that Marsh Professor’s term of appointment, arranging possible dates with the Marsh Professor and the President’s Office staff and reaching out to colleagues across the University in setting up a robust schedule for each residency.

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