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James Marsh Professors-at-Large Program

James Marsh Professors - Recorded Videos


Gov. Madeleine M. Kunin, Moderator: January 30 [Recorded Video]
Our Future in the Trump Administration: A Policy Panel Discussion


Stephen Polasky: October 25 [Recorded Video]
Meeting the Sustainable Development Challenge of Jointly Achieving Economic Growth and Improved Environmental Conditions

Sture Hansson: October 20 [Recorded Video]
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: On Algal Blooms in the Baltic Sea

Student Choreographers with Jennifer Monson: April 17 [Recorded Video]
ravelling: A site dance event

Sarah Harper, Sponsored by Madeleine M. Kunin: March 24 [Recorded Video]
The Aging Population Question

Srinivas Krishnan: February 21 [Recorded Video]
Faculty Scholarship Concert Featuring Srinivas Krishnan

Claudio Sillero-Zubiri: February 18 [Recorded Video]
The Wonderfully Adaptable Canidae and the Paradox of Competing with Domestic Relatives


Jennifer Monson: September 20 [Recorded Video]
Folk Dances for Necessary Tributaries (with puddles)

David Richardson: September 17 [Recorded Video]
Developments And Challenges In Invasion Science - Insights From South Africa

Steven Polasky with Burack Lecturer, Andrew Balmford: October 27 [Recorded Video]
An Economist And An Ecologist Walk Into A Bar...And Discuss The Future Of The Planet


Timothy H. Breen: September 8 [Recorded Video]
Washington's Political Genius: Performing the New Government for the People

Timothy H. Breen: September 25 [Recorded Video]
Washington's Mission: Countering the Arguments for State Sovereignty

J. Lorand Matory: October 6 [Recorded Video]
Stigma And Culture: Ethnological Schadenfreude In Black America


Howard Dean: November 12 [Recorded Video]
The First Global Generation And How They Are Changing Everything (At Least in Politics)


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