Veronika Carter withstood the pressures of this extraordinary year with grace, humanity, and with an unswerving commitment to the Our Common Ground values. It is clear from the statements of support for Veronika’s nomination that she not only exhibits these qualities under the extreme pressures of being a University Registrar during a global pandemic, but also has always brought them to her work. Through her embodiment of Our Common Ground values, she demonstrates how we can do better as a community. As one letter of support summarized, “She is a quiet leader who brings all of those up around her.”

With expertise and immense knowledge of the challenges faced by colleagues throughout the University and of her team’s strengths, Veronika was an indispensable partner in our pandemic response. In a remarkable array of areas, from scheduling and creating new processes, to providing team members in both technical and human resources, Veronika’s quick thinking, superior problem-solving skills, and incredible knowledge of University policies and systems in many ways made our 2020-2021 academic year possible.  Throughout this period of intense work, her dedication to her staff’s wellbeing and to UVM students motivated her tireless work.

Veronika exemplifies the Our Common Ground Values of:

Integrity. Integrity is at the foundation of the work that Veronika does for this institution.  Under her leadership, the Registrar’s Office ensures the integrity of every degree, transcript, and grade we issue. Through her actions, Veronika provides a model for ethical, sincere, and fair decision-making, knowing that the integrity of the University is entrusted to her office.

Respect. Veronika is respected at all levels of the institution because she respects the contributions of each person and office she works with. She offers each person her full attention when needed, listening to them with care, and valuing their perspectives, expertise, knowledge, and recommendations when developing projects and timelines.

Responsibility. Veronika fosters a commitment to accountability. Her staff know that the work is not done until it is done right, and partners in other offices know that if something goes wrong, the RO will be responsive and will collaborate to find a solution. 

Openness.  Veronika is always open to new and creative solutions to existing problems, and instead of simply saying “no,” she always works towards a “yes” that meets the needs of the unit asking for help, while managing reasonable workloads within the department.

Innovation. Veronika has a drive to seek out and foster new and innovative solutions to problems. She values innovative ideas and encourages others to bring them forward.

Justice.  Veronika’s mantra is to always be looking towards what is best for the student. Whether collaborating on data projects, considering possible pathways for necessary exceptions, or reviewing existing policies, Veronika brings a commitment to justice, representation, and to lowering systemic barriers to student success that makes us stronger as a community and as an institution.