Stephanie Dion, Assistant Dean of Finance in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, works tirelessly for the good of UVM with a sense of “humanness.” Her sense of personal responsibility flows into every other characteristic of “our common ground.” Steph listens to all sides and spreads sunshine where it is needed, giving praise where due. She is a fountain of knowledge, but rarely steps into the limelight. She shows respect for people, listening, not jumping to conclusions, and giving the benefit of the doubt until evidence may show otherwise. Her integrity rises to the forefront in every decision and task she undertakes. Show her the data. Don’t play favorites. Think ahead. How can we do this differently? Better?... In a way that treats everyone fairly? She is a team player, but isn’t afraid of taking on extra work. Her sense of justice is seen in her striving to do the right/just thing—regardless of the situation.

Ms. Dion cares deeply about UVM. She is very focused on doing what is best for the University and in her position this can be challenging with budget, operational, legal and contractual constraints. What distinguishes Stephanie is not just her ability to see optimal solution routes, but rather, her ability to find consensus around what can be extremely challenging decisions. She is fair and clear and her thorough explanations reveal to all parties that she has fully considered the consequences of all paths forward.

Steph is a mentor to so many not only in CALS, but across the University. She is an advocate for women, committed to the development of those around her in business and personal lives. When the director of the Morgan Horse Farm retired, she worked to develop the new leadership team with the women that had been in the background until then.

Steph is very respectful of her staff and everyone else. She is a master at listening closely to her staff, is very sensitive to any overload, and coaches them through difficult times.

Straightforward, effective in bringing about change for the better, and—at the same time—diplomatic and empathetic, Stephanie Dion is an outstanding UVM citizen.