Lisa Anderson has worked in the Print and Mail Center for almost 16 years. She is an unsung hero here at the University of Vermont.

While I am standing here before you today, there were many others who nominated her as well. In fact, there were over 15 others who nominated her as well!  As the go-to person when it comes to mail, Lisa is constantly going above and beyond.

This past year was full of unique challenges all over campus and leading the mail team at UVM was no exception. Last March brought the Print & Mail team into unprecedented circumstances. Students left with thousands of packages and letters still in their mailboxes and in mailrooms across campus. Within hours of students leaving, Lisa made a plan.

The amount of time and effort she spent trying to make sure that our students and staff received their mail and packages was enormous and, at times, over-whelming. Students moving home and asking for things to be shipped, dealing with lost mail/packages, plus the number of phone calls and emails that Lisa has had to deal with between staff, students and their parents was over the top!

Lisa is always on it in a flash and usually can resolve the situation in a timely manner. Students and parents are very happy at her quick response to their issues which can been seen in the number of positive emails and thanks that she receives regularly.

She is a true leader and a team player. Her staff not only respect her, they love her. Lisa makes each of her staff feel special and important. She works with them to get the job done. It is not unusual for Lisa to come in after hours or on the weekends to make sure nothing is left undone.

She has a wealth of knowledge and her strong work ethic serves her well. She is truly an energizer bunny and has kept the wheels on our bus turning.

Lisa has been nominated in the past, and we thank you so much for recognizing her contributions to the University community.  She truly deserves this award.