Good afternoon everyone,

It is my honor to share with you a little bit about my friend and colleague the wonderful Dr. Cathy Rahill. As described by Jeff Schulman, Director of Athletics, “From the moment she arrived on campus in the fall of 2011, Cathy has epitomized the values of Our Common Ground. Through her work in Athletics, as a partner to others on campus, and most recently as the chair of the Presidents Commission for Inclusive Excellence, Cathy has modeled respect, integrity, innovation, openness, justice, and responsibility in our department and throughout UVM” (and I’ll add in the America East Conference, too).

In a nominating letter, one former Commissioner wrote, “Cathy brought her whole self to that [PCIE’s] space and invited others to do so as well, elevating our collective voices, but also ensuring that each individual had space to be heard.” Jacques-Paul (JP) Marton, another former Commissioner built on this in his letter by saying that “Cathy made me aware that to achieve -inclusive excellence- we must be invested in everyone's wellbeing. We must acknowledge the diversity of our campus groups and be responsive to the needs of individuals who feel marginalized. Cathy’s galvanizing and unrelenting optimism for Humanity stems from the believe that: when people engage collaboratively for the common good every barrier toward achieving equality and social justice can be rectified or dismantled… Cathy empowered me to believe that -I am- an important member of the UVM Community; that I too, can make the World a more equitable, sustainable, and safe place to live.”

Cathy has been at the center of many activities both internally and externally that make the University a better, more equitable place, and we believe she is a staff member everyone should look up to as a shining example of what we can and should be as staff at UVM.