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    By Postdocs for postdocs

    The UVM Postdoctoral Association is a volunteer group of postdoc scholars working to improve the training and experience of postdocs at the University of Vermont

Elevating the UVM postdoctoral experience

We promote a culture reflecting the University of Vermont Common Ground and six core competencies identified by the National Postdoctoral Association to facilitate professional development, broaden the training experience, and foster a vibrant, open, and collaborative community for all Postdoctoral Scholars at UVM.

Association Goals:

  1. Be a postdoc advocate with the administration of UVM and promote adoption of competitive salary and benefits in line with national guidelines.
  2. Build a strong and well-defined postdoc community through professional and social networking.
  3. Provide diverse professional/career dvelopment opportunities for postdocs.
  4. Foster interaction between UVM PDA and local professional and academic institutes, societies, and organizations.

Upcoming Events

Summer events are being adjusted for these extraordinary circumstances, please check back!

More information about our events can be found on our calendar and events pages.


Finding all of the neccessary information that you need when starting a postdoc can be a daunting task. Here we have compiled many of the resources that are most relevant to postdocs at UVM. 


View our calendar to see upcoming Executive Council meetings, social events, and career development workshops that will be hosted by the PDA.

Executive Council

UVM PDA is led by an executive council comprised of postdoctoral scholars from throughout the university.