Dear Complainant:

A relationship of trust and confidence between employees of the police department and the community they serve is essential to effective policing. Police officers must be free to initiate enforcement actions in a reasonable manner without fear of reprisal, while respecting the rights of all persons in doing so.

The UVM Department of Police Services has a citizen complaint procedure in place. This procedure serves to outline the disciplinary process and initiate corrective action, when officers conduct themselves improperly. It also serves to protect officers from unwarranted criticism when they perform their duties properly.

Citizens are encouraged to report improper police conduct. These complaints will be dealt with in a prompt, open and expedient manner.

You should be aware that police officers have the same rights as do all citizens to pursue recourse for false allegations. Officers may take civil action, and it is a violation of Vermont Criminal Law for anyone to knowingly file a false report to a law enforcement agency to implicate another or to report an offense or incident knowing it did not occur.

Please feel free to contact the office of the Chief of Police during normal business hours if you have any questions reagarding this procedure.

Very Truly Yours,

Lianne M. Tuomey, MSW

Chief/Director of Police Services


This form may be completed by a UVM employee, faculty member, student, visitor, or other interested citizen in order to register a formal complaint regarding the conduct of specific employees of the University of Vermont Department of Police Services or the quality of service received from our department. Physical copies of forms are also available at the UVM Police Services Office. If you have any questions regarding the department's complaint procedures, you may contact the department's Police Operations Deputy Chief for assistance. All complaints are thoroughly reviewed.

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