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Being Stopped by UVM Police

General Information

General Feedback

Q: How do I praise or complain about an officer/dispatcher?
A: Police Services's relationship with the community and commitment to excellent service is vital to achieving our overall mission of a safe and secure campus. All members of the UVM community can expect to be treated in a courteous and professional manner by members of our department. UVM Police Services will not tolerate an employee who acts unprofessionally or rudely or who does not provide an appropriate level of service. We also wish to recognize instances where our employees have been especially helpful or have exceeded your expectations in the service they have provided. The quality of our service is dependent in part on feedback from the community we serve. Police Services has an extensive professional standards process in place to respond to citizen complaints and concerns. The department also has various ways in which we are able to recognize outstanding performance by our employees.

Please help us improve our department by bringing your complaints and compliments to the attention of any of the following individuals in a timely manner:
  • Request the on-duty Police Supervisor by calling 656-3473.
  • During business hours, contact the Office of the Chief at (802) 656-2027 (email:

Being Stopped by UVM Police

Q: What should I know if I'm stopped by the UVM Police?
A: At some point in your UVM career, you may be stopped and questioned by a UVM police officer. This could happen for a variety of reasons. The officer may be investigating a crime and want to know if you have information that might be helpful or are a witness; a crime may have occurred recently and you might resemble the description of the suspect or may be asked if you have seen a suspect; or another citizen may have made a complaint against you and the officer will be trying to determine if the complaint has merit.

In all cases, if an officer asks you to identify yourself, you are not required by law to do so, but you are required by UVM policy to surrender your UVM ID Card to any University Official including UVM police officers. If the officer is investigating a crime or complaint, they may also ask reasonable questions to help them determine whether a crime has occurred or a complaint is valid. Refusal to answer questions may prevent an officer from clearing you of suspicion. If you are stopped by an officer you should do your best to cooperate and answer the questions the officer poses.

Ordinarily, a police officer may not detain you for more than a reasonable period of time or transport you anywhere against your will unless they have enough evidence to arrest you. There are exceptions under very unusual circumstances such as public disorders or other large scale emergencies. If an officer asks to take you somewhere else, you may ask if you are being placed under arrest. If you are not under arrest, the officer should explain why he or she feels you need to be moved. You may refuse to go, but this may lead to an arrest or an additional charge based on the specific circumstances. If you are placed under arrest the officer must tell you with what crime you are charged and they will either issue you a citation to appear in court; take you before a district court judge if court is in session (for felonies); or possibly place you at the correctional facility (VT Criminal Rule 3 must apply).

If during any encounter with a UVM police officer, you feel your interaction was extremely positive, or on the other hand, unprofessional, see the section of our web site on Professional Conduct for additional information.

Note: The above contents are intended to provide useful information to the general public. It should not be construed as legal advice or counsel. You should consult an Attorney who may advise you of your specific legal rights and remedies in a given circumstance.
General Information

Q: Where is Police Services located?
A: 284 East Avenue. We are in the building next to the rugby field and helipad.
Q: What is Police Services' phone number?
A: Emergency = 911
Police Dispatch = 6-3473 (off campus, 802-656-3473)
Administration = 6-2027 (off campus, 802-656-2027)
Q: What are Police Services' hours?
A: Police Services is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The hours of individual employees vary, however, a message can be taken for them at any hour. To leave a message for an individual employee, call 656-3473 or use our Police Staff page.
Q: Can Police Services make arrests and/or issue traffic tickets off campus?
A: Yes. UVM Police Officers are commissioned law enforcement officers pursuant to 16 VSA 2283 .
Q: Do UVM Police Officers carry firearms?
A: Yes. As commissioned Police Officers they carry firearms. The Service Officers are non-commissioned personnel and therefore do not carry firearms.
Q: Where can I park? Can I park here, or will I get towed?
A: The answer to this question is complicated. There are many different parking permits and many different types of lots. Questions regarding parking should be directed to Transportation and Parking Services .
Q: How and when can I check in my gun with UVM Police Services?
A: Police Services no longer provides storage services for firearms.
Q: I have lost something and want to know if it was turned in. Who do I call and when?
A: Check the Lost & Found link on this web page. You may also call the Police Services Dispatch at 656-3473 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Q: My car is not where I parked it last. How do I check to see if it was towed?
A: You may call Transportation and Parking Services at 656-8686 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. After hours, you may contact Police Services Dispatch at 656-3473.
Q: My car was towed. How do I get it back?
A: Your vehicle will have been towed by Spillane’s or AutoSmith Towing. Spillane’s Towing is open from 7am-11p. After 11pm call 802-863-7900. The address for Spillane's is 7 Commerce Ave, South Burlington, VT. Auto Smith Towing can be reached at 802-238-1286. The address for Auto Smith is 220 Colchester Rd, Essex, VT. In order to release your car, you must have a signed release form with you from UVM Police Services or Transportation & Parking Services.
Q: I locked my keys in my car. Will Police Services help me to get into my car?
A: During business hours, contact Transportation and Parking Services directly (656-8686). After hours and weekends, contact Police Services (656-3473) for assistance.
Q: What does the UVM Police Dispatch Center do?
A: UVM's Police Dispatch Center is an E-911 Call Center, which is a fully integrated, around-the-clock emergency dipatch center. This center is the only non-state operated Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the State of Vermont. With this privlege comes the responsibility that all dispatch staff and operations meet the training and operating requirements of the State of Vermont E911 Board.
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