About Us

The Physical Plant's in-house project & engineering team manages deferred maintenance projects and major utility upgrades, provides technical expertise on engineering matters and coordinates building restoration activities resulting from incidents such as floods. The team's portfolio includes 40-80 projects per year of varying size and scope based on priorities such as: 

  • Life Safety and Code Compliance (Arc Flash electrical safety, abatement, fire alarm upgrades, other life safey compliance.)
  • Building Envelope (roof replacements, foundation waterproofing, windows, and any project to prevent water infiltration.)
  • Electrical and Mechanical (infrastructure upgrades, boilers, piping, sprinklers, and switch gears.)
  • Structural Deficiencies (bricks, porches, pavement, etc.)
  • Vertical Transportation (elevator modernization.)
  • Energy Efficiency Projects (to reduce energy costs)

What is Deferred Maintenance?

Deferred maintenance is the postponement of buildings and equipment upkeep from an entity's normal operating budget cycle due to a lack of funds. The Deferred maintenance backlog is the total amount of expenditures that would be required to perform maintenance projects that are not included in capital renewal and which were deferred as a result of unavailable resources or opportunity for scheduling.  

Completed Project Highlights

Engineering Team

Name Title Email Phone
Mike Pelletier University Engineer Michael.Pelletier@uvm.edu 802-656-2189
Richard Wolbach Energy Management Engineer Richard.Wolbach@uvm.edu 802-656-8213
Robert Boal Retro-commissioning Engineer Robert.Boal@uvm.edu 570-244-6588
Kevin Sweeney Deferred Maintenance Project Coordinator Kevin.Sweeney@uvm.edu 802-656-2623


Projects Team

Name Title Email Phone
Scott O'Brien Contract Coordinator Scott.Obrien@uvm.edu 802-656-1091
Scott Goodwin Deferred Maintenance Project Coordinator Scott.Goodwin@uvm.edu 802-922-6336
Adam Frazier Deferred Maintenance Project Coordinator Adam.Frazier@uvm.edu 802-656-0784