What Is Happening?
VHV Company, PowerCom, Carrier, Safety-Systems of Vermont will be on-site in the Waterman Rooms 125, 126, 127, the loading dock, and west courtyard to complete necessary replacements to the HVAC systems for the servers and telephone systems. The revised estimated project completion is May 22nd, 2020. The contractors will need to move heavy equipment in and out of the building as well as replace the dry cooled condenser on the external west side of the building. After the installation of the new equipment, the contractors will hookup and test the mechanical and electrical feeds.

Duration of Work:
Monday-Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
Start Date: Monday May 11, 2020
Completion Date: Friday May 22, 2020

What to Expect:
Some noise from these areas of work may be audible as work progresses. In addition, there may be construction aromas associated with soldering of the new piping that will take place. UVM personnel will also be available to support the hired contractor during this process. Please contact UVM Project Coordinator (noted below) if there are any problems and/or concerns.

Questions and Project Contact:

Kevin Sweeney, Physical Plant Project Coordinator


802-272-3021 or 802-656-2623


Physical Plant Department