What We Do

The Life Safety Systems (LSS) crew inspect and repair all fire protection and life safety equipment in all campus buildings. LSS personnel are highly trained specialists in their field and work in close partnership with the Burlington Fire Department, with UVM Risk Management, and with UVM Police Services. The crew is housed in the South Zone maintenance shop located on Redstone campus.

Learn more about the team and what they do in this Life Safety Crew slideshow (PDF)

"Hot Work" Permits

The Life Safety crew are responsible for issuing "Hot Work" permits to PPD personnel and contractors who are performing maintenance activities that may involve open flames or producing of heat or sparks. Activities such as grinding, cutting, brazing, soldering, torching and welding must be pre-approved by Life Safety.

Plan ahead!  Page 802-350-8029 to reach the crew 24/7 to obtain a "Hot Work" permit.

Life Safety Staff Directory

Office Phone: 802-656-3284
Office Location: Basement of Wing-Davis-Wilks residence hall

Title Name Phone Email
Supervisor, Projects/Life Safety Chris Gebo 802-656-2974 email Chris
Life Safety Technician Joe Beaudry 802-316-7327  
Life Safety Technician David Brady 802-922-0096  
Life Safety Technician Erin Paquin 802-238-1882  
Life Safety Technician Ed Waite 802-233-5981  

Fire Extinguisher Safety

Learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher from UVM Fire Marshall, John Marcus.

fire extinguishers

We inspect over 13,000 pieces of safety equipment each month!