To be eligible to apply for and receive SPARK-VT funding, applicants must attend in person or watch remotely (during the presentation or afterward at your leisure) all 2019-2020 SPARK-VT workshops and lectures.

Attend in Person

See the webinar schedule for upcoming workshops and lectures. Please be sure to sign the attendance sheet in the room.

Attend Via Webinar

You may attend workshops live via webinar from your computer.

To do so, go to I-Trep webinars. Follow the instructions on the I-Trep page to login at the time of the webinar. Be sure to sign in with your name so that we can record your attendance.

View Past Webinar Videos

To view past webinar videos:

  • Go to I-Trep webinars.
  • Click the "CLICK HERE" link following "Archived Webinars" to register.
  • After you have viewed a webinar, complete a brief survey so that your attendance can be documented.


Contact Tina Thornton (