Securing Clean Water for All

Asim Zia receives Fulbright Global Scholar Award to achieve access to clean water through community-based solutions and international diplomacy.

Water scarcity has been a source of regional conflict and wars throughout human history. As the world’s fresh water becomes increasingly scarce due to accelerating climate change, cooperation among countries, regions and villages who share water resources across borders will be critical to ensuring an equitable distribution of water.

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Bill Keeton in Austrian old-growth forest

Study: Europe’s Old-Growth Forests at Risk

Like its ancient cathedrals, Europe has a remarkable—but poorly understood—legacy of old-growth forests. These primeval landscapes, scattered on remote hillsides and forested valleys across many countries, are a “living treasure,” says University of Vermont scientist Bill Keeton.

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rainbow in the sky over Vermont green landscape

UVM Study Highlights Impacts of Pandemic on Vermonters’ Wellbeing

New research from the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies (CRS) finds that three months into Governor Phil Scott’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, Vermonters experienced increased loneliness, but less stress about their personal finances and greater confidence in local government than prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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