UVM Innovations

In recent years, the University of Vermont has seen a dramatic increase in its intellectual property and technology transfer activity. 60 of our 133 patents were issued in the past 5 years. 73 companies and institutions have licensed patents from UVM and are commercializing the technologies. 16 startups have been formed, including 14 companies in Vermont.

Timely response to licensing activity is a core competency that has been developed over time and is a constant focus of UVM Innovations' improvement efforts. This office's unique networking situation enables it to combine technologies from a variety of sources. This allows the technologies to reach critical mass and increases the probability that each will achieve its full potential.

UVM Entrepreneurship

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) believes in the importance of cultivating entrepreneurship and innovation, both on campus and in partnership with the community of Vermont.

Entrepreneurship and innovation not only translate knowledge and science to the benefit of society at large, but also provide new employment opportunities through start-ups and businesses.

Are you an entrepreneur, bringing your idea to the marketplace? Are you innovating novel solutions to problems that need to be solved? We can help.