Jeralyn HaraldsenPreparing a large, "center-level" grant proposal is complex and time consuming. Grant writing can also seem daunting if you are a new or inexperienced grant seeker. As a complement to the services provided by Sponsored Project Administration, OVPR provides the services of a Grant Proposal Manager — Jeralyn Haraldsen, Ph.D.

Jeralyn offers additional resources necessary to shepherd complex proposals through the writing and submission process, and supports new faculty grant writing efforts.


Primary Services

Proposal Review and Grantsmanship Critique

  • Thorough review of your full proposal for grantsmanship with annotated comments and suggestions
  • Review for responsiveness to reviewer critiques (for resubmissions) and to RFP/RFA requirements

Proposal Writing Assistance and Editing

  • Substantively edit your draft text
  • Prepare draft text of non-technical proposal sections
  • Edit to improve the clarity and flow of your document
  • Edit to improve the formatting and presentation of your document
  • Coordinate collection of additional information via meetings, phone, email

Secondary Services, Available on a Limited Basis

Assistance with Budget Development

  • Assist with development of draft budget and budget justification
  • Coordinate with business manager for review of draft budget
  • Coordinate collection of subaward documents from collaborators

Liaison with Sponsored Project Administration (SPA)

  • Coordinate with business manager to submit draft and final budget documents for review
  • Upload draft and final proposal documents for review, internal routing, and submission

Liaison with Collaborators

  • Coordinate collection of biosketches, letters of support
  • Assist with preparation and collection of subaward documents

Overall Proposal Management

  • Review solicitation and develop annotated outline of your response to the RFP/RFA
  • Manage the proposal preparation process
  • Participate in high-level, strategic proposal planning
  • Assist with writing non-technical proposal components
  • Critically review proposal drafts for grantsmanship, readability, and responsiveness to sponsor requirements
  • Manage proposal compilation, assembly
  • Coordinate with SPA


Priority will be given to:

  1. Large, complex, multi-disciplinary grant proposals (e.g., centers, program projects, training grants, and infrastructure-building grants) to support high-impact, center-level research and scholarship
  2. Proposals from new faculty or those new to grant writing
  3. Proposals from established faculty

The following will also be taken into consideration:

  • Current and projected workload of grant proposal manager
  • Timeliness of request — ideally more than 12-16 weeks prior to deadline
  • Alignment with areas of institutional priority

For proposals that require cost share or match, investigators must document required commitments prior to engagement with the grant proposal manager.

Videos & PowerPoint Presentations on Grant Writing

(former "Brown Bag" Seminars)

OVPR Grant Proposal Manager Jeralyn Haraldsen, Ph.D., discusses the grant proposal process in eight videos, with accompanying PowerPoint presentations.

Go to Videos & PowerPoint Presentations on Grant Writing (UVM NetID login required).


Please contact Jeralyn Haraldsen, Grant Proposal Manager, with any questions by email at or by phone at 802-656-2982.

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