An emergency reserve fund for core facilities has been established in the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR). This fund is managed by the Core Facilities Committee, comprised of University principal investigators, core directors, and OVPR staff.

Core facility directors who experience an unexpected interruption in core facility services due to equipment failure or other demonstrably acute issues can apply for assistance from the reserve fund.

Please note:

  • Maximum funding with required match is $25,000.
  • Only University-wide core facilities are eligible to apply. For the purposes of this fund, a University-wide core facility is defined as a facility serving multiple investigators from two or more UVM colleges. The purpose of this fund is not to support core facilities that serve a single department or college.
  • All applications must be endorsed by a Dean or department Chair, certifying the internal contribution to the repairs.
  • Successful applicants must submit a report to the OVPR six (6) months after the repairs with an update on how the core is functioning.


Provide justification that this core is eligible based on the number of colleges that use the core, the principal investigators that use the core, specific information on the volume of their usage, and the sponsored project(s) that rely on the core. Please provide two (2) years of this data.
Outline what happened to the core facility that prompted the application. (Note that this fund is not for new equipment, match or cost-share for applications for cores, routine maintenance on existing equipment, warranties, or University staff labor.)
Provide a written estimate of the cost of repair from the original equipment manufacturer, and any available service alternatives, along with estimates of how long it will take to make the repairs from the sources identified if funding is provided.
Provide the name of your Chair or Dean so that we may contact them to confirm endorsement of your request.
Provide a chartstring to receive the funds in case of approval.
List the committed funding you have obtained from other sources such as a department or Dean's office. The OVPR may match these sources up to $25,000.
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